Three challenge LO's

It's very much Monday in my house today, although sunny, we've had "one of those days"... :)

Anyhoo, below three challenge LO's. The first one is for the 9th (out of 10) challenge over at
Scraputmaningen. No boundaries this time, "free scrapping" so to speak. :) The titel says "in her own thoughts".

Scraputmaning 9

This one is for the weekly sketch over at Veckans Skiss! The title says "Stranded in Taupo"


And the for the Friday night challenge over at SE. The challenge was to use dingbats... I'm not a fan, but this is my result! :)


A little disappointed but mostly proud

A while ago, I decided to apply to the DT over at Scrapbook Essentials. I love the forum over there, and have done a lot of their challenges. I knew when I started that my chances were slim, but decided to go for it anyway. I am of course disappointed that I didn't make the team - why else would I apply? But mostly, I am very proud of my entries that I can now show you.

1. Single layout with the theme of "Moments/Defining Moment". Journalling reads:

One of the most pivotal moments in my life is when I found out I had cancer. It is almost 11 years ago now, but that moment is so clear in my mind, it could have happened yesterday. When I first got the news, I was of course devastated, confused, angry and scared. I also felt like the loneliest person in the world, I felt like God had turned his back on me. But a couple of days later when I had cried, cursed and blamed the world for what had happened to me, I decided to fight back.  I decided that I was in charge, and that I was going to win the battle with cancer with love and positive energy. I am now cancer free, but I still treat every day like it is my last. Cancer has been the worst and best thing that has ever happened to me.


2. Double layout using at least 3 photos, and showcasing a particular technique.

The technique I used (actually kinda trying it for real for the first time - oops!) is doodling.


Party left

Party right

3. Off-the-page project, to be given as a Christmas present.

I went a little bit crazy here, and collected empty toilet rools from home and from friends... The result is an Advent Calendar. It's the Swedish kind where you get a present every day, not chocolate! This one (if I can pack it properly) will go to my niece and nephew in Sweden.

Advent calendar

(Click on the pictures to make them bigger.)

So, there we are. A few hours put in those... :)                                                                                                          

Big congratulations to the girls who made the team; Hannah, Megan, Janine and Janeene!                       


I have finished my LO for the November LO competition over at SE. I was inpired by Bubbles and her LO "When time stands still".  You can find her LO here:

My take:

gotta love that face

The girl on the LO is my beautiful niece Jonna!

Three more done and dusted

I've got three challenge LO's to show you (surprise surprise). The first one is for Jack me up. I finished that one tonight, and am very happy with it. Most of what I've used is from the November kit over at Scrapbook Essentials. Just beautiful stuff!


The next LO is for Neen's challenge on the "The music in me" blog. I had a million photos to choose from, and ended up with this:

I wanna be a rock star again

It's hard to get a good photo with overlay, but anyway...

The third LO is a total disaster... It's for the 8th (out of 10) challenge over at Scraputmaningen. The challenge was to use something "punched" on your LO. Maybe you can guess that I've punched some stars? I really don't like this LO. It was a last minute job, I didn't have ANY inspiration, but at least I did it! And the photos of Tova are really cute... :)

Scraputmaning 8

Time for bed now, see ya!

Louise's last challenge

Louise's three challnge competition is over. The last challenge was to scraplift the below LO, by Dallas Foley:


I turned it upside down, and this is my result:

morning tea

Thank you Louise, for three awesome challenges. I've had a ball!!!

Bye from the birthday girl! :)

Veckans Skiss - week 46

I sat down last night, not having a particular challenge in mind, I just had some photos that I "needed" to get into Tova's album. I wasn't very inspired at all, actually... Clicked on to "Veckans Skiss!" blog, and decided to follow that sketch for my photos. This is the result. Nothing earth moving, but anyway! Another moment documented!

a sa gar vi lite mera

The title reads "and then we're walking some more", and it's gonna sit next to the other LO I did about how Tova loved to practice her walking, before she got the hang of it!!!                                                           

2 Swedish LO's

A little while ago I applied to a DT for a Swedish Craft/Scrap booking shop. I didn't get the gig, but I am very happy with the two LO's I sent in. The first one is about me, and who I am. The title says "Me - right now". The journalling reads:

* 34 years and 11 months old
* married Kelly recently, and am very much in love!
* mother to Tova, 13 months.
* living in NZ since June '03, but missing home quite a lot...
* writing music in my spare time, and can't wait 'til I get to perform again
* love scrapbooking, and am doing it every night after the family has gone to sleep!

Jag just nu

When doing this LO i was inspired by one of
Hannah's beautiful creations! Thank you Hannah!

The criteria for the second LO was to use at least 5 products from the shop, and the "theme" was to show circles. The title says "Our happy girl".

Var glada tjej

I'm of course disappointed to not be chosen, but am really, really proud of my entries!                                

Not happy, but moving on

I am now going to share two LO's that I'm not happy about. First I thought that I wouldn't, but than I decided that this is a place where I share my stuff - good and bad. So...

The first one is for
Scraputmaningen's 7th challenge. The challenge was to make your own heading (not use pre-made stuff), and it needed to be LARGE. The photo is of me and my God son, born in 1997. :) It's will go into my BOM, but I am really disappionted with the result.

Scraputmaning 7

The next one is for the Friday night challenge over at SE. The challenge was to use a photo of me, some kind of notebook paper, and a poto corner. This is my take. Like I said, not happy with it, but another one for my BOM!


Friday night crop results

Yesterday Megan sent me a message saying she had a crop going @ NZ Scrapbook. I decided I deserved some me-time, so I went along! The LO's below are the result of my night.

The first one is for Louise's second challenge, to follow a sketch. The title means "look!". Tova always finds stuff - small or big, and she wants to show it to me and anyone else that's around. She is so cute!!!


The next one is not for a specific challenge - but Megan gave me some guidelines to get started. Thank you Megan!


I also finished a LO for SE's Friday night challenge, I'll show that one when the gallery is up on Sunday.

Today I finished my circle LO, also for a challenge over at SE, a sketch challenge. I'm not very good with circles, but this actually turned out OK. The rub-ons on the side says "kärlek-love-aroha". (That's love in Swedish, English and Maori. Mine and my husbands languages).

you and me

Well that's all for tonight. Bedtime!

Me {heart} you

The LO below is for this weeks sketch at Veckans Skiss! It's funny, I had the papers, embellishments and the photo all setup for another challenge, but ended up moving them around, and voila`, perfect fo this weeks sketch. Cool if you ask me... I am also busy scrapping Christmas presents and stuff, but you can't stop me from doing challenges. I am a total challenge junkie!!!


The title reads "me {heart} you".

Me {heart} you

Using fabric

Challenge #6 over at Scraputmaningen was to use fabric on your creation. I used three different fabric around the photo, and jeans-alphabet. I am really pleased with this LO, and I love the photo. It says: "Are you coming in soon daddy?"

Scraputmaning 6

Feeling productive

I have to say, I'm feeling quite productive at the moment. There have been many late scrapping nights lately, and I love it!


I've got two LO's to show you tonight. I've got some more done, that I can't show you yet...

The first one is for Megan's Friday night challenge over at
Scrapbook Essentials. The challenge was to use a corner rounder (had to go buy me one of those bad boys...), at least three embellishments, and a quote. My quote is written on the chipboard swirl, and goes like this:

"Before you were conceived I wanted you
Before you were born I loved you
Before you were here an hour I would die for you
This is the miracle of life"

our miracle

The next one I'm not very happy about. I used colours I hardly ever use, and don't like the end result at all. But, I'm moving on! It's for this weeks sketch over at Veckans Skiss! It's about Tova's FIRST STEPS!!! Very exciting day... :)

Tova gar

Well, back to the desk, I've got some late night scrapping to do!!! See ya!

Louise's first challenge

Louise posted her first challenge on Wednesday night, and I got an idea in my head straight away. Don't you love it when that happens!! Very good for me, as it seems I have a busy weekend away, so I finished it last night. The challenge was to make your own patterned paper, and this is the result of my stamping and doodling:

That look

I really liked doing this, can see myslef doing it more in the future. Also really like this photo of Tova, she looks so cute... :)