Challenge #5 @ Scraputmaningen

Since it's Monday I can show you my take on challenge 5 over at Scraputmaningen. This was a GREAT challenge!!!! The challenge was to scraplift this LO by Adrienne:


This is my take:

Scraputmaning 5

The title says "trying on a hat".


The third one...

So, it's confirmed that I can post my LO for the NZ Dares challenge here. The challenge was to use only two colours. Red and white are mine, as you might see... :)

tova being tova

Off to bed with a big bottle of cough medicine now!


Urban Lily LO

This is the LO for Megan's Friday night challenge over at Scrapbook Essentials. It's on the gallery now, so I can share it here... The challenge was to use only one manufacturer (cardstock was allowed from somewhere else). I used only Urban Lily papers and embellishments, cardstock from Bazzill. I realised after a while, that the title would be difficult to do, as I didn't have any Urban Lily alphabets. Do they actually do them? So, the LO is without a title, but the strip journalling on the bottom right is from one of their embellishment sheets. ENJOY! :)

THREE challenges done!

Today I went to my first crop ever! Soooooo much fun!!! We were'nt many, but we were awesome... :) Sorry ladies if I coughed on you a lot, but I didn't want to stay at home... :)

Even though I spent almost six hours over at
NZ Scrapbook Company, I only finished two (and a half) LO's. I guess it's all the talking... I finished the third one tonight after dinner. I just HAVE to finish my LO's before I go to bed. It's an obsession...

So, here's the first one, for Louise's challenge to only use black and white:

the best piece of me

The second one is for the NZ Dares challenge to only use two colours on the LO. It's the first time I participate in their dares! Don't know if I can put it on here though, so will wait a bit with that...

The third one is for the Friday night challenge at Scrapbook Essentials, I can't show you that one either...   :)
Off to buy cough medicine now... CIAO!                                                                                                                           

Veckans Skiss

I've found a new Swedish challenge blog - Veckans Skiss! (Sketch of the week). Every Tuesday they come out with a new sketch. This week's sketch really spoke to me, and I finished my layout in 20 minutes! This is the result:

vi går & går

The title says :"we're walking and walking", and the journalling is about how Tova doesn't want to do anything else - just practise her walking!

That's all for now!


The fourth challenge contributions have been published at Scraputmaningen. The challenge was to create an embellishment out of something you find in your home. I had real trouble with that... Had no ideas at all! Tried looking around in the gallery at SE, since one of the challenges in that comp was to make your own embellishments, but no. Totally blank. Zilch. Nada. The big doghnut. I ended up using bubblewrap in the end, just to send something in. I love the photo, so the LO turned OK because of that, but I am disappointed with my lack of fantasty...

Scraputmaning 4

Mostly cards

I've got mostly cards to show you today. But first, a LO that I'm so happy with! I sent it to a competition on a Swedish blog/online boutiqe; Brunkullan. The theme for the LO/card was "Girls just want to have fun". Also, you had a sketch to be inspired from. This is my colourful result, I like it a lot! The title says "party babes". :) We had so much fun together...


I can also show you the invitiation I made for my sister, for my nephew's christening coming up in November. They were happy with the result, and that's the main thing!


I tried to make it simple and clean. (Välkommen means "welcome"). On the inside the details are written in calligraphy.

And so, some cards...

More LO's to come next week, thanks for stopping by!

It's Monday again!

Yup, it's Monday! It's been a good day so far for me though, I just got granted indefinite returning residents visa in NZ! It's soooo good to not have to stress about that again. Ever.

So, again, it's show and tell for the Swedish competition over at
Scraputmaningen.  :) Well, they're still asleep over there, but I will show you my LO for challenge #4. The challenge was to use metal in you LO. I am very pleased with the outcome of my LO. The title says: "I have to start focus more on me". I think you can spot where the metal is... :)

Scraputmaning 3

As I said in the previous post, I have gone totally mental about challenges. I LOVE doing them now! It's such a good way to get stuff done!! The LO below is for Megans Friday night challenge over at Scrapbook Essentials. The challenge was:

Use a photo of yourself, or your partner as a child/teenager/baby
Use buttons
Use Embroidery thread or cotton
Try to use a template of some sort (lettering/journalling/doodling etc)

I chose to scrap a photo of my husband, for Tova's album. Have to do one of me now as well!!!!

Your daddy

All the material for this LO came from Paper Pesto's beautiful October kit. I just love their kits!

The next LO is for a challenge as well!!! :) This time for Neen's challenge at The Music in Me.

Time after time

What else... Well, have done some more Christmas cards - mostly in Swedish, and also some Father's Day cards in Swedish as well. Father's day in Sweden is on the 11th of November!

Bye for now, and thank you for all your nice comments!

Jack me up

I'm TOTALLY hooked on challenges now... Below my take on the challenge over at the NZ blog "Jack me up".  Loooooooved doing this LO, and am really happy with the result!

love you

I really have to go and make some phonecalls to Sweden - who has just woken up, but I'll show you some more stuff tomorrow!

'til then!

Bits and bobs

In a few hours it is Monday in Sweden, and the winners of challenge two at Scraputmaningen will be presented, as well as the fourth challenge. Therefore I can kind of safely show you my take on challnge two here!

The challenge was to scrap about "development". The funny thing is that the Swedish world for development also means to "fold out". That's why my LO is about Tova, and her first year, and under the envelope on the left side of the LO you can fold out pictures from every month of her first year (see second picture). I feel like this is difficult to explain for you non-swedish-people, I hope the photos can show you what I did... :)

Scraputmaning 2

Scraputmaning 2 - detail

I am very excited about my LO for challenge 3, I am VERY happy about how it came out! I can show you that one in a week... :)

In other scrapping news, I have been busy making christening invitations for my sister back home in Sweden. It's very time consuming, but so much fun! I have now run out of glue-dots, but as soon as I stock up on that I can finish them, and show you the end result.

I have also - for the first time - been scrapping someone elses photos! Wow, that was hard... I did it as a present for a friend of mine. They really loved it, and that made me very happy. Result below:

Gift 4

Gift 3

Gift 2

Gift 1

That's all for now, see you next time!!!! :)                                                                                    

It's been a while...

I'm here... Me and the little one have been sick, so that's why it's been quiet here for a while. That also means I haven't created a whole lot.

BUT - I have entered another cool competition, this time on a Swedish site;
Scraputmaningen. After doing the competition over at SE I was really proud of myself. No - I didn't place anywhere, but just so proud of doing all the layouts, challenging myself, and for finishing! So, this new competition called "Utmaningsresan" is perfect, I can go on challenging myself, and I will have more LO's at the end of it! It goes on for ten weeks, so I'm happy! I'm not counting on placing anywhere in this comp either, but that's not the main thing.

As the gallery and the winner of the first challenge has been presented, I can show you my layout. The challenge was to create something around a "cut off" photo or equivalent. This is my take on it. I'm happy with the result!

Scraputmaning 1

Here in NZ, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so yesterday I joined the lovely Paper Pesto team on their Scrap Pink day. We had a lovely time! They had organised a LO class with Kelly Slattery - my LO below


(The LO isn't as orange as on the photo...)

Hannah Blair and Ilka Adams did make'n'take classes, and we made two cards with Ann McLachlan, my stuff below


The Paper Pesto teams were also very generous with giveaways, and this is what I came home with:

My wins

It was an awesome day - my first scrapping event!!! - and I would just like to say THANK YOU Paper Pesto ladies for doing this!

I'll sign off with a couple of Christmas cards, and a cool link; check this out.. It's a blog called Life of a Scrapper's Husband. Hilarious!!!