Me {heart} you

The LO below is for this weeks sketch at Veckans Skiss! It's funny, I had the papers, embellishments and the photo all setup for another challenge, but ended up moving them around, and voila`, perfect fo this weeks sketch. Cool if you ask me... I am also busy scrapping Christmas presents and stuff, but you can't stop me from doing challenges. I am a total challenge junkie!!!


The title reads "me {heart} you".

Me {heart} you

Postat av: Anonym

The colours in that layout are so beautiful. I'm a bit of a challenge junkie too! I love having a deadline to work towards.

2007-11-07 @ 22:56:44
Postat av: Mrs Frizz

Cute ... love this layout ... love the BG paper and the blossoms.

Postat av: Lisbet

hej ...
Hejade på dig på K-joi, på engelska...typiskt.JAG.
Nu länkar jag till dig.

Ha det gott.

2007-11-08 @ 10:15:52
Postat av: Janine

really like this my blonde swedish friend!! Way cool and what a great photo of you both. LOve the BG paper.

2007-11-09 @ 12:15:15
Postat av: SannaF

Så söt layout!!!
Jag har upptäckt att jag har hjärtan på nästan alla mina layouter!! Jag ♥ hjärtan :)


2007-11-11 @ 13:06:33

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