Where have I been?

Sick. For two weeks. Really sick with a nasty cough. And I'm still sick. It doesn't want to go away. Haven't been to work, but will go in for a couple of hours today. Am talking myself up to it at the moment. I'd loooooooove to stay in bed...


On Wednesday I put up a sketch challenge over at
Scrapbooker's Delight. Check it out if you haven't already. I need some beautiful creations in my mailbox to cheer me up!!!


This is my take on the sketch. Gotta love the Prima marketing papers!!!

So. My own scrapping? No. Not really happening. I've still not found my mojo, and being sick is obviously not helping. Am also starting to freak out a little bit about my trip to Sweden. Only two weeks to go!!! Gosh!!!

Here are a couple of LO's that I managed to finish during our girls weekend last weekend. A poor result, but it was lovely getting away for a weekend!

New challenge up

Hi all!

It's Wednesday, and that means new challenge over at
Scrapbookers Delight. This is my example for the challenge:

Don't you just love those vibrant Kaiser papers??

Well, I have nothing else to show today... My mojo is not back yet. This weekend I'm going away on a girls scrapping weekend, so I truly hope I will get some stuff done. I NEED to get stuff done, I have deadlines!!!


So, I'll see you after the weekend. Now go check that challenge out over at Scrapbookers Delight!

Boy papers

At the moment I really like blue and brown in combination with orange. Therefore - I love BG's new archaic papers. So I decided to use them. Even if I have a girl to scrap about...


This is for the Friday night challenge over at SE.

I don't feel like my mojo is entirely there, but at least I'm doing stuff. Can't show you more tonight though, but eventually I will.

Thanks for stopping by!

New challenge up!

OK, so most of you know by now that I work at my LSS Scrapbookers Delight. You might also know that they have a blog. Hopefully, you have checked the blog out, and you then know that I put up a new challenge every Wednesday. So - today's Wednesday and the new challenge is up. Head on over and check it out - I would LOOOOOOVE for more people to enter! The more the merrier you know! You are welcome to participate wherever you are in the world, if you are the lucky winner, we will send a nice price to you!


My take of this weeks challenge - with all Kaiser products -  looks like this:

In other news - NO my scrapping mojo has still not come back. I did do three LO's at work (the above LO is one of them) but I still don't feel like I have any great ideas, if you know what I mean... Thank you all for your nice comments, I just have to wait this out I guess...

And on Mrs Frizz's orders; here is the miniablum that I did at work last week. It's all Kaiser products, apart from the ribbons who are from Fancy Pants:


Well, that's all for today. Remember to send some mojo my way, should you have some to spare and share... :)

My mojo is gone!

It is true. I haven't done a LO for a whole week! I have made a minialbum at work, and some cards in the weekend, but no LO's!!! This is very unusual for me, and I hate it.

Don't know how to get out of it...

In the meantime, here's a LO that I sent in as a Guest DT application for an american site, a spot that I didn't get!


Whooo hooot THURSDAY!

Well, it turnes out I have things to be happy about today as well! Funny that!


I got a copy of the latest UP2SCRAP magazine today, with MY FIRST PUBLACTION in it! I don't know if it's bad to say that I'm VERY PROUD of myself - but I am! It was the first time I sent something in, and they accepted it! It looks fabulous in print and yeah. It feels good!

A shout out to all you other ladies that I know through cyber space who got their work published as well. Go us!

Here is the LO that is on page 14 in the mag:

I also got happy mail today. In December (!) I won a set of stamps from a Swedish company called Magnolia. I haven't heard back from them in months, they havent' replied to emails or anything. But today a collection of stamps showed up in my mailbox. They look kinda qute, but I haven't decided if I want to keep them or not. Maybe I'll sell them cheap to someone who wants them. We'll see. Good to finally get them though!!

So yeah, today was a whoooo hoot day as well!!!

Whoo hoot Wednesday

My cyber friend Janine has started a "shout out" tradition on Wednesdays. Beautiful if you ask me... :) Here's what I am particularly happy about this Wednesday:

* My daughter has had normal temperature for over 4 days!
* I worked extra hours today - I love my job!
* I got to meet and hug one of my dearest friends today!
* No bills in the mail today!
* It's only 37 days 'til I land in the land of Sweden!
* Nooooooooo rain today for the first time in aaaages!
* My dear husband turned the oil heater on even though he's not even the slightest cold - he did it for me!
* My new challenge is up on the Scrapbookers Delight blog!

On that note, here's my LO for this weeks challenge, and another LO to make it a double for my lovely boss Paula.

I really like the new "boxer" range from BG!!

I also managed to get a LO for this fortnights sketch challenge over at SE. This is my take:

More Cyber crop stuff

I'll keep it short - here are some more creations for the cyber crop over at Scrap with V and National Scrap booking Day that was YESTERDAY!



Hmmmm. Seems like I  LIKE having the photo on the right hand side. Must change that!!!


And last - a mothers day card:



That's how I feel about my blogging lately. Don't know what's happened. And TOTALLY useless at leaving comments on your blogs. I apologise. I read them though! Will try and up my comments soon!!!

Anyway. The monthly cybercrop is in full run over at
Scrap with V. We have a LOT of cool challenges and prices, and it's not too late to join!

I have a sketch challenge up this time, this is the sketch and my take on it:



The title says "Life is my greatest gift".

I've managed to get two other challenges done so far, for the CC. This is the "Me and my mum" challenge, quite like how it came out!


And this LO is the "Fairytale" LO. How to explain... Well. We were to be inspired by a fairytale, fable or folk story, that is somehow related to your everyday life. Also, thee needed to be LOTS of bling, 5 journalling bits and 5 butterflies/flowers/hearts/stars, adn ribbon. So. Lately I have had a bit of white space on my LO's. No space for white space on this one!!!


And yes. I found refill cartridges for my dymo. At a store who doesn't even sell dymo's. (Dick Smith's) The sell mostly electrical stuff, TV's and games and all that jazz! Me happy!


Now I'm off to try and finish the other two challenge on the CC.

Oh - before I forget!!! This is my May LO for Scrap with V. You can go to the shop and buy the kit now!!!

My Angel