Three more done and dusted

I've got three challenge LO's to show you (surprise surprise). The first one is for Jack me up. I finished that one tonight, and am very happy with it. Most of what I've used is from the November kit over at Scrapbook Essentials. Just beautiful stuff!


The next LO is for Neen's challenge on the "The music in me" blog. I had a million photos to choose from, and ended up with this:

I wanna be a rock star again

It's hard to get a good photo with overlay, but anyway...

The third LO is a total disaster... It's for the 8th (out of 10) challenge over at Scraputmaningen. The challenge was to use something "punched" on your LO. Maybe you can guess that I've punched some stars? I really don't like this LO. It was a last minute job, I didn't have ANY inspiration, but at least I did it! And the photos of Tova are really cute... :)

Scraputmaning 8

Time for bed now, see ya!

Postat av: Hannah

Wow, you are whizzing through all these challenges, Annelie! I'm a little jealous ... I have had no time to scrap since I finished my DT entry :-(
Great job, I really love the first layout (they are all great, but the first is my favourite).

Postat av: Monique

Hi Annalie, yay you got time to do the Jack...with christmas fast approaching I think people are finding their scrapping time reduced lol! Love the layout of your grumpy Tova lol, so cute alright!

Have really enjoyed looking through all the layouts you have completed lately...even the ones you wern't happy with, from where I sit they look great!

2007-11-20 @ 08:42:33

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