Not happy, but moving on

I am now going to share two LO's that I'm not happy about. First I thought that I wouldn't, but than I decided that this is a place where I share my stuff - good and bad. So...

The first one is for
Scraputmaningen's 7th challenge. The challenge was to make your own heading (not use pre-made stuff), and it needed to be LARGE. The photo is of me and my God son, born in 1997. :) It's will go into my BOM, but I am really disappionted with the result.

Scraputmaning 7

The next one is for the Friday night challenge over at SE. The challenge was to use a photo of me, some kind of notebook paper, and a poto corner. This is my take. Like I said, not happy with it, but another one for my BOM!


Postat av: Hannah

I like them, Annelie. They are special photos and you have scrapped them and preserved the memories. It's great they are for your BOM - I need to do more for mine! Thanks for sharing :-)

Postat av: Janine

Awwwww you may not like them but they are two more layouts you have for your BOM.

2007-11-12 @ 06:21:09
Postat av: Mrs Frizz

Annelie ... nothing wrong with either layout ... another precious pic and memory scrapped for future generations.

2007-11-12 @ 10:02:51
Postat av: Lisbet

It´s Monday and I feel tired anyway. I was
looking for inspiration so I visit your blog. I really enjoy looking at others work. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of the world.

2007-11-12 @ 15:55:07
Postat av: Kelly

I've just been poking around the last lot of posts you have been making - I'm loving all your layouts ... even the ones you're not so keen on! Really loving how you are scrapping is swedish too - definite preserving
going on there :)

2007-11-13 @ 04:10:27

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