Friday night crop results

Yesterday Megan sent me a message saying she had a crop going @ NZ Scrapbook. I decided I deserved some me-time, so I went along! The LO's below are the result of my night.

The first one is for Louise's second challenge, to follow a sketch. The title means "look!". Tova always finds stuff - small or big, and she wants to show it to me and anyone else that's around. She is so cute!!!


The next one is not for a specific challenge - but Megan gave me some guidelines to get started. Thank you Megan!


I also finished a LO for SE's Friday night challenge, I'll show that one when the gallery is up on Sunday.

Today I finished my circle LO, also for a challenge over at SE, a sketch challenge. I'm not very good with circles, but this actually turned out OK. The rub-ons on the side says "kärlek-love-aroha". (That's love in Swedish, English and Maori. Mine and my husbands languages).

you and me

Well that's all for tonight. Bedtime!

Postat av: Janine

well you have been busy and it soun ds like a crop was what you needed! So envious of all that scrapping. I like the circle layout because of the three words representing your languages in your house! That is way cool.

Postat av: Beverley Warwick

More beautiful layouts! I love the one you did for Louise's sketch - well done.

2007-11-10 @ 20:59:22
Postat av: Hannah

Great layouts and I'm glad you had fun at the crop. I didn't find out about it until Friday afternoon so it was a bit late to organise things, but it would have been great to be there!

2007-11-11 @ 01:31:31
Postat av: SannaF

Jätte fina layouter du har gjort!!!
Good work! :)
Kram från SannaF

2007-11-11 @ 13:05:26

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