Louise's first challenge

Louise posted her first challenge on Wednesday night, and I got an idea in my head straight away. Don't you love it when that happens!! Very good for me, as it seems I have a busy weekend away, so I finished it last night. The challenge was to make your own patterned paper, and this is the result of my stamping and doodling:

That look

I really liked doing this, can see myslef doing it more in the future. Also really like this photo of Tova, she looks so cute... :)

Postat av: Hannah

Wow, that looks awesome! You did a great job, the paper looks like the bought stuff! Maybe you should start your own range ... :-)

Postat av: Janine

oh my blonde swedish chick thats awesome pattern paper you created!! well done on getting it done so fast!!

2007-11-02 @ 09:51:02
Postat av: Mrs Frizz

AWESOME ... well done YOU!!!!

2007-11-03 @ 03:30:59
URL: http://frisbys.blogspot.com
Postat av: L-8 (annapannas kusin i Sweden)

super fina layouts!!!

2007-11-03 @ 17:40:33
Postat av: Smarre

Apselut underbar layout! Eller rent ut sagt - skitsnygg!

2007-11-04 @ 08:03:25
URL: http://mariekarlsson.blogg.se

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