Getting personal for a few seconds

So... Normally I don't share much stuff about my famliy and our life on this blog, since I have another blog (in Swedish) where I post everyday for my family and friends back home.

But today I just have to share with you how PROUD I am about how my daughter is doing at the moment! :) She started daycare yesterday, she's going to be there two days a week from now on. And - she loved it!!!! I knew she would, she has been so bored with me lately!


These last two days, she has had SO MUCH FUN! The teachers are raving about her happy mood, how well she eats (she even eats yoghurt - she won't touch that at home), and that she has even had naps during the day! I know - she is 18 months and these things are probably nothing to rave about, but I AM SO PROUD OF HER! She hardly cries when I leave, and she doesn't want to go when daddy comes to pick her up. It's such a releif that she likes it so much! Goodness, I have tears in my eyes just writing this!


And... The teachers at daycare asked me to put a little list together, of Swedish words that Tova says, to make it easier for them to understand her. Well. A scrapbooking mum can't just write a list, right? So I made a little album. This one:

(click on the pics to make them bigger)

Myself, I had my first day @ Scrapbookers Delight today. I knwo I'm just gonna LOOOOOOOOOVE working there. I feel very lucky to be able to work in an environment like that. Just the smell makes me happy!


OK, so I'll end this looooong post with some of my latest LO's. Both for challenges over at SWV.

And - DON'T FORGET my competition in my previous post. You still have a few days to enter!!

time for change

my girl



So... Anyone up for some free stuff??

I feel like celebrating, for a few reasons. The first reason is that I have now been hooked by this addictive art called scrapbooking for about two years, and had this blog for little over a year. The second reason is that on Friday I will start work again, after being a staying at home mom for 18 months, in my LSS
"Scrapbookers Delight".

I am really excited about all of the above, and what better way to celebrate than a giveaway?

This time around you have to put a little bit more effort in than in my last competitions... :) I want you to leave a comment in this post, including two things:

1. Guess how many 12 x 12 LO's I have done since I started - 'til today's date.

2. Give me the link to your own blog, where you tell your readers about this competition. If you don't have a blog, tell me that in the comment, I'm sure we can work something out if you are the winner!!!

Easy enough?

So... What can you win? I will give you 40 NZD/200 SEK/35 AUD/32 USD to spend on whatever we can tempt you with from "my" new store - "Scrapbookers Delight"!!!!!! I don't mind what country you live in, I will post it for free to the winner!

Worth playing for? I hope so!

You have until April 2nd to do this!

Before you rush away to leave a comment, check out some of my latest creations. I have done some other stuff as well, some class kits for Scrap With V that I can show you after April 1st - no joke!!




Dare #41

This will have to be a short post. I'm knackered and need sleep! We've been fighting off a nasty tummy bug the last week, so my brain is not fully in place (even worse than normal that is, thank you very much...)

The newest dare over at
NZ Dares is a G R E A T one, and I had to do it. Sick or not sick. I have the perfect photo (not taken by me) of my best and oldest friend - we've known each other for almost 30 years now!!! (Gosh, that makes me sound VERY old...) She is a professional flutist (is that how you spell it?), and the music coming from her is JUST MAGIC. I love her to bits, and am very excited about the new adventures she is about to experience.

My dear L - I will see you soooooooon!!!! This is for you!



I've been absent from the SE forum for a while, but on Friday night I joined in on their cyber crop. Hilarious... They've got a chat function, and it's just so funny chatting to everyone, and using the "sound effect" button. Yep. You had to be there...

Anyway, there were three challenges and a couple of games going. Challenge #1 was to be inspired by a logo of some sort, here's my take:


Challenge #2 was to finish you LO within an hour, you had to use 2 photos, 3 papers and two embellies. I used the same range of paper as the LO above, the gorgeous "bisous".

bubble watch

The third challenge was a little bit harder... You were to scrap about 7 moments from your day. The only criteria was that you had to use your own handwriting. I wanted to do something a little bit different, and this is the end result:


So, all in all, a very busy weekend so far!

Last one

This is the last LO for the cybercrop at SWV. It was such a fun weekend! Can't wait for the next one in April!


fly high

My next project is to finalise the class kit's for SWV - my first. I'm panicking a little bit about it, but looking forward to it at the same time! I'm also hoping to find time to do a couple of other challenges that I have seen on different sites and blogs. Oh if there only was more hours in the day...

Don't forget to leave a comment after your visit!!!



Two more for the CC

It has been a few late nights this weekend. I was planning tonight to be another one, but since I got up at 5am this morning to take the family to the airport, I am just TOTALLY knackered. I have done two more challenges for the CC over at SWV. I'm almost done with the fourth and last challenge, but just have to finish it tomoroow. There was also a photographic challenge, but I won;t be joining in on that one this time.

This LO was for a challenge to stamp with bubblewrap, use machine or hand sewing (I daon't have a sewing machine so I had to do a couple of stitches by hand), torn paper and handwritten journalling. My journalling is written around the swrily bling. Teh title says "I can do it myslf" and the journalling talks about how Tova now is a "big girl" and she can CERTAINLY put her shoes on herself!

kan sjalv

The next LO is for a challenge to use yellow and green, a 4 leaf clover, basically to think "St Patrick's Day". Hard one... This is my take:

I'm so lucky

The last challenge, the one I'm hoping to finish tomorrow is a sketch challenge with many photos. Good for me who seem to stick with only one photo on each LO!

The CC has been so much fun, and the creations in the SWV gallery are just stunning!

Rightio, bedtime!


It's full on at SWV

Yep, the cyber crop on the SWV forum is full on! I have managed to get one challenge done, planning to get some more done after my family have gone to bed. It's their last night in the country. We're leaving for the airport around 5.30am tomorrow, so they will probably go to bed early... :)

This is my LO for the "Haberdasher" challenge. We had to use three different types of fabric or felt, at least 5 buttons, and two ribbons or lace. I managed to do ALL that!  :)


The next one I'm doing includes bubblewrap and stitching. YAY!!!


SWV March sketch challenge

The March sketch over @ SWV is a sketch by the lovely V in SWV (Vanessa) herself! Very cool! This is my take:

just you today


Cyber crop this weekend

My family is still here, so this will be another short post. We're having a great time, although my little girl has not been herself since our trip to the South island. Hopefully she'll come right before I start my new job... The good news is that we have childcare sorted! It's very exciting!!!!!

So - time to explain my heading! This weekend, starting at 9pm NZ time,  we have a very exciting Cyber Crop going over at
Scrap with V. If you are not already registered I reckon you should! There will be a lot of fabulous challenges and games where you can win prizes! There are also several monthly challenges, some of the March challenges are already posted!

I hope to see you on the forum!!

Even though I've been busy with my visitors, there has been some scrapping going on... :) I can't show you all of it, but here's one LO that I can share.


Oh - and I almost forgot! Thank you VICKI who gave me this ultra-cool award!!!


Huh - not bad, aye? ;)

I'd like to pass it on to a very funky girl - KATE. Her work is amazing and inspiring, and I am very impressed about how she runs her business with beautiful scrapbooking kits!

Righto, bedtime now. Thanks for leaving a comment when you pass by!!!