27 June 2008 - some photos

Not much to report, sleeping patterns are pretty much the same. :)

Yesterday we took a trip with my friend and her kids to an indoor playground, as it was RAINING. Tova was too little really, but she had fun anyway. Her mother with a HUGE belly came along for a slide ride and some trekking around the maze. The photos are not that great, but you'll get an idea of what we did... Tova had a blast anyway, and slept quite well that night!!

Tomorrow we're going to my aunties 50th birthday party, so there will be a lot of catching up with relatives I haven't seen for a long, long, long time. Then next week, we're hoping for sun...

24 June 2008

A new report from me, the most tired mum in the world. Possibly. At least I'm up there on the top 50 list. Promise.

Tova just won't sleep in her own bed, I'm trying hard, but I 'm not getting more than 3 hours of sleep per night. I'm trying hard to get her all tired out during the day, running around outside, visiting my friends with kids, but she's just not settling down. Sure. She's asleep most of the night, but wakes up as soon as I try to put her back in her cot. I guess she's just not feeling at home, and that's fair enough. It just gets harder all day with a grumpy mum and a clingy child...

Anyway, we're having fun most of the time... :) We've been hanging out with my sister and her kids a lot, and also with my other sister who have no kids. It's awesome to be around family of course, it's like... you know... Being home!

Today I visited one of my best friends since way back. She is the mother of my Godson, and also heavily pregnant. I will be around for the birth, which is so awesome!

Tomorrow we will visit my nana and granddad - 84 this year.

I'm also hoping the sun will come back. They had about 30 degrees above a few weeks ago, but I haven'seen anything like that since I got here!!!! I wanna hang out on the beach!!! ('cause I never do THAT in NZ...)

Anyway, before I show you some photos, I'd like to make an announcement...

I'm pregnant!!! If everything goes to plan, there will be a new Maddock baby in mid - January 2009!! We're very surprised, but of course enormously happy about this!

So, feeling like absolute crap, it makes it even harder with the whole sleeping thing, and the whole clingy Tova thing. But hey. People do it all the time... Luckily I have the blog, where I can offload...


Some Tova photos coming up:

20 June 2008 - midsummer

So today is midsummer's eve here in Sweden. It's a very BIG thing, a very old tradtition among us Swedes. It has been twisted and changed a little bit during the last decades, but we all celebrate it in some way. Read more here or here if you are interested!!!

Tova and I celebrated with my best friend L, her husband and their gorgeous new baby (4 weeks!!!) in her mothers house. We ate the traditional food and all. I'm telling you. Swedish food is GOOD!!

I've been catching up a lot on the Swedish food that I've been missing in NZ. The other day my youngest sister treated me with Swedish pizza for example!! YUM!!


What else have we been doing since my last post? Well, the weather has been up and down, but we have tried to spend as much time outside as possible. We've been checking out the cows and horses that are walking outside my parents house. We have been hanging out with my sister who have 2 kids, a 3 year old girl and a 1 year old boy. Tova loves her cousins, it's fun to see them jump around together. It's not always easy sharing toys though, but we'll get there.

I've been driving around in an old horrible blue VOLVO (of course). It was a challenge to drive a stick on the right hand side of the road the first day, but I think I'm OK now... I might need a big sign saying "tourist" at the back of the car...


Tova is catching up on the Swedish real fast, I'm very impressed. She's like a little parrot, imitating everyone! So cute... She is still quite unsettled, she won't let me out of her sight, but there has been slight progress. Tonight she even sat on my dad's lap for the first time since they visited NZ in March! Very cool. As long as I was sitting next to them, she was OK...

She keeps asking for her dad, and I think she's a little bit homesick, poor thing...

My little girl seems to be OK at night, as long as she goes to sleep in my bed. It's tricky to get her over to the travel cot without waking her, but if she's REALLY deep asleep, it works. I tell ya, she's a snorer like her dad. I do NOT want her next to my ear if I can help it!!!


Me - I am still struggling. My nasty cough is NOT getting better, and I still wake up in the wee morning hours. Fingers crossed I'll have a wonderful sleep tonight!!

Anyhoo, here are some photos! Love from us!!

Talking to cousin "K"

Playing soccer with mum

Swedish strawberries - YUM!!

16 June 2008 - Jet lag-leg-log

I am here. In Sweden. In my parents house, where I grew up. It's very strange, but very, very cool!!!

Bare with me when I mumble ahead about the trip so far...

It was a looooong trip. :) I have to say though, it went much better than expected. Tova was a good girl most of the time. Considering her antsy-pantsy nature, she was actually great!!!

The first flight was almost 12 hours, and Tova slept for about one hour on that flight. There was a lot of entertaining for mum to do... But we were lucky to get three seats in a row, so we had space to move around, which helped!

Then we had 5 long hours in Bankok. I decided to rent a room by the hour at the airport, so we got a few hours of sleep.

The next flight was 10 hours, and Tova slept like a log for about 8 hours of that flight. Pretty amazing! Also very convenient, as that meant she was almost in phase with Swedish time. Clever girl...

I'm still not in phase. I feel like I have been hit by a log most of the day, and then around 3-6am every morning, I am SOOOO awake. That's when I'm pestering Kelly with text messages... :)

Anyway, the first 24 hours in Sweden, we spent time with my close friends, "the B - family". They took care of us so well with a hotel-like manner!!! Then, from Saturday, I have been with my family here in south of Sweden.

Tova is still very confused about things, and refuses to let me go for 2 seconds. Sure, it's hard, but hopefully she will feel safe and comfortable with my family soon. She won't go to bed alone, like at home, so I'm having daytime naps for the first time in about 30 years!!!  ;)  She is not eating very well, but they say children won't starve themselves, so I try not to worry, and hope that changes soon too. I'm eating all my favourite Swedish food... YUM!!!

She's asking for dad a lot, and "mamma's truck". I guess that's a sign that she's a little bit homesick... :)

Weather? Well. It's Swedish summer as I remember it - 15 degrees above, showers and the odd thunderstorm... ;) They have had a GREAT summer for a few weeks, but it seems to be over. Ah, well. Weather doesn't make the holiday!

One of my sister's live about 1km away from my parent's house, and she's got kids close to Tova's age. We're planning to do a few minor "road-trips" with the kids in the next weeks, so that'll be fun. Sun would be good then, but we'll manage I'm sure!!!

OK, my brain is starting to feel a bit fried... I'll leave you with a few photos from the last few days. 'til next time!!

Sleeping on the Auckland - Bankok flight

Playing iwth my God daughter "L"

Dancing around with grandma and cousin "J"

11 June 2008 - in English

Tomorrow is the day, the day we go on the big big big plane!!!

I'm writing in English as there are a few non-Swedish speaking people tuning in to my blog while Tova and I are in Sweden. Welcome!

Today I have been packing and organising - well, I've tried at least... I am yet to weigh the suitcase. Fingers crossed it will be below maximum weight...!!

Tova has spent the day with Kelly's mum, so I have had the whole day to finish the packing. Yet I am still not done, and it's 8.30pm!!! Go figure...

Anyway. Leaving you with a photo from Sunday. We went to Western Springs playground, and Tova loved it - even though it was raining!!!

I'll be back!!!

6 juni 2008

Grattis pa dagen alla svenskar!!!


Har sitter Tova i bilen, pa vag till dagis! Nast sista dagen idag...

5 juni 2008

4 juni 2008

Bygga koja!

3 juni 2008

Foto fran dagis!!! Vem behover sked nar man har hander?? (snyggt att sitta vid matbordet utan brallor ocksa...)

2 juni 2008

Idag har vi haft helgdag har pa NZ. Av ngn anledning firar vi idag engelska drottningens fodelsedag, fast det inte alls ar hennes fodelsedag. Joda. Sa ar det!

Tova och Kelly har varit daliga i magen, Tova har feber, och jag hostar vidare. En harlig dag helt enkelt!!!

1 juni 2008

Nu ar det bara 11 dagar tills vi aker. HJAAAAAAAAALP!!!!!!