Pay it forward

On a few NZ blogs at the moment, there is a thing called "Pay it forward" going on. It goes like this:

Here's the idea...I will send a gift (something handmade or something bought) to 3 random people who leave a comment on my blog!! The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making the same promise on your blog.So, if you like this idea and a bit of 'happy mail', please leave a comment on my blog!!!

I have had the luck of being drawn from two blogs this week;
Janine and Lynda.

And yes of course - it goes for you Swedish readers of my blog too! Happy mail can go anywhere in the world, right?!  :)

So go on, leave a comment to this post!

The only new thing I can show you today is a door sign I have made for my daughter Tova's room. It's so cool to finally have a few rooms renovated, so I can start decorate them!


I have put the stuff on a canvas so it's easy to hang on the door. I found my inspiration in Carina's blog. (And "rum" is obviously "room" in Swedish... :))

Challenge #4

It's Wednesday. As per normal I got up and turned the computer on all excited to see all the layouts for last weeks challenge, and to see what the next one is. BIG dissapointment though, haven't been able to get into that site all day! "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". Disaster...

Anyway, I hope they fix it soon. It's 3.30pm now, and I WANNA SEE THE STUFF!!!

In the meantime, here's my LO for challenge #4. The rules were:

Black or white cardstock background; black and white photos - at least two, embellishment in ONE other colour allowed.

I'm not very happy with this LO, but I just have to move on...

Challenge 4

A few detail shots, just click on the image to make them bigger:

Wonder what the next challenge will be....

As usual, I have done a few cards. Miscellaneous stuff, and some for a card swap over at Scrapbooking Essentials. I just have to say - boy cards are so HARD to make!!!!

TACK - THANK YOU for all your nice comments! It's nice to know someone visits me here...


Change of language

After a lot of discussion inside my brain, I have now decided to change the language on this "scrapping blog". My private blog that tells more about my every day life, and gives updates on what I and my family are up to will stay in Swedish, as it is more for my friends and family back home.

So - welcome all kiwis and everyone else that hasn't understood my posts here before! I sure hope you swedes will stay as well... Luckily we Swedish people are very good at understanding and speaking English!


My layouts have up 'til now mostly been in Swedish (I sure hope my daughter will speak both languages!). So far her few words are a bit of both, which is a good sign.

Although, now that I have taken part in the competition over at
Scrapbook Essentials, I really enjoy making LO's in English as well! So I'm guessing that from now on, it will be a bit of both.

I have no new LO's to show today, I'm thinking hard about the 4th challenge over at Scrapbook Essentials, which wasn't as easy as I first thought...

Have made some new cards though, see bleow. Tonight I'm sitting down to make a few VERY simple cards, that my friends have asked for. Of course, I do as I am told...


Thaks for reading this far, and thanks for stopping by "my little space on line"! Please leave a comment (click the "kommentarer" button) so I know you've been here, and I can then come and visit you!

(click on the image to enlarge it)

Tavlingsbidrag #3

Nope, det blev inga poang i andra utmaningen heller... Och jag som var sa nojd... ;)

Tredje utmaning tyckte jag inte var kul alls. Svart - inga foton! Sa har lyder utmaningen:

That's right - no photos at all on your layout!!! Perhaps you want to write a letter to someone, journal an old family recipe, scrapbook the lyrics to your favourite song - this challenge is limitless in what you can choose to scrapbook and the results will be lots of fun!!!!
Size of your page is up to you and you can use either handwritten or computer printed journalling/text, entries must be uploaded to the folder in the gallery by midnight 21st August! The judges are looking for originality of journalling method used, how the page fits together with the journalling you write and lastly, how well you use words to fill a page!!

Jag bestamde mig for att "scrappa" texten till den forsta lat jag skrev till min make, ett par veckor efter vi hade traffats. Laten spelade jag sen in under ett besok hemma i Sverige. Jag ar inte alls nojd med sidan, har inte varit inspirerad alls. Tja, det var iofs ganska kul att gora kalligrafi pa vellum-paper, men annars... Oinspirerande!!!!!Hinner inte komma pa ngn annan innan onsdag da det ar full fart med andra aktiviteter, sa den har far duga... :)

Challenge 3

Tavlingsbidrag #2

Jaha, 7-veckors tavlingen fortsatter... Jag samlade forstas inga poang pa forsta utmaningen. De som kom pa "medaljplats" hade gjort HELT OTROLIGA grejjer. Hon som samlade flest poang var sjalvklar nar man sag hennes LO. Helt fantastisk. Ska se om jag kan lanka eller lagga ut bilden pa ngt satt. Verkligen otrolig...

Har nu gjort klart mitt bidrag till vecka tva. Sa har lod utmaningen:

There are certain things in our everyday life which form a part of our routine, whether it be a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, to writing in a journal every day or perhaps it's talking to a certain person everyday - whatever your 'thing' is - we want you to create a page that tells the story about this part of your life. Page size is up to you but there must be a photo and journalling is also required - handwritten or computer is fine.

Fick en ide om vad LO'n skulle kretsa kring direkt, men sjalva "designen" pa LO'n tog lang tid att fa till. Ar hyfsat nojd dock...

Challenge 2

Tack for alla era snalla o uppmuntrande kommentarer. Det uppskattas verkligen!!!

DT bidragen klara

Igar kvall blev det sent... Jag visste att jag idag skulle pa oppningbaluns i butiken dar jag ska soka till DT't sa jag ville bli klar for att kunna lamna in mina bidrag idag. Man har till sista augusti pa sig, o man kan skicka foto via email om man ville, men jag kande att originalen var battre an foton som kanske inte visar vad man gjort. Sa det blev tva LO's till forutom LO'n om mig o min canvas. Den forsta har jag liftat av Ethel.

DT 2

DT 3

Hall tummarna om ni har nagra fria... :)

Sen har jag suttit och gjort ETT GANG inbjudningskort till Tovas forsta barnkalas. Ni ar alla hjartligt valkomna om ni har vagarna forbi...!!!


Min forsta canvas!!!

Jag ar sa glad o nojd over min forsta canvas! Jisses vad roligt det var att gora ngt annorlunda! Jag valde mitt favoritfoto av Tova, o sen korde jag bara. :) Den blir mitt "off the page" bidrag nar jag ska soka till DT't. Deadline den sista augusti, sa jag har ett par veckor till pa mig att gora resten.                                   


Close up 3

Close up 2

Close up 1

Har ocksa gjort nagra kort:

Sen maste jag erkanna en sak... I fredags vickade jag i en kompis band, o for mina gigpengar inhandlade jag en....................CUTTLEBUG!!!!! Sa nu ar jag med maskin! Kanner mig grymt proffsig plotsligt!!!!

Kramar fran Nya Zeeland!

Som om det inte vore nog... att jag har en tavling att koncentrera min skaparlusta kring... Nu har jag dessutom bestamt mig for att soka till ett DT i en nyoppnad butik har i Auckland. Jisses... De vill ha en LO om "mig & 5 saker folk kanske inte kanner till om mig", tva andra LO's o en "off the page". Sa jag far val ta o skapa min forsta canvas... HJALP!!!!!!!!!!! Har kommer hus som helst min "JAG-LO":

DT 1

Och sa har jag fatt till min forsta LO till tavlingen. Deadline ar midnatt pa tisdag, sa jag ar ute i bra tid. Skont det i alla fall. Men jag tyckte utmaningen var kranglig, for en nyborjare som mig... Sa har lyder utmaningen:

'Create a minimum of 2 embellishments that MUST be used on your layout - ideas could included making your own chipboard accents, altering buttons, ribbons, using fabric to create flowers, altering glass slides, photo mounts, paper flowers - the list of possibilities is endless!!! We are looking for original embellishment ideas that fit your page theme - originality is the key to winning this challenge!!! No size restriction on the page size you complete ie 6x6, 12x12 etc '

Sa har ser min LO ut:

Challenge 1

Mina 2 embellishments ar hjartat som ar skuret ut av ett "polystyrene sheet" (vet inte vad det heter pa svenska) o farglagt med rod stampeldyna. Under fotot vit "mesh". Bada de materialen anvander min make i sitt dagliga jobb, sa jag tyckte det var lite fiffigt att fa med det, eftersom fotot ar ett brollopsfoto... Sytt fast i "meshen" ar sma, sma, sma roda parlor, som jag var tvungen att tra pa traden for hand da jag inte hittade mina nalar i var renoveringsrora...

Uppskattar om ni ger mig lite ris o ros om de ovanstaende. Jag kanner mig som en san TYDLIG nyborjare!!! Men jag har kul, o det ar ju faktiskt det som ar huvudsaken!!!

Har hunnit med lite kort ocksa. Om ni undrar over mina fars dags kort, sa ar det for att fars dag firas den 1a helgen i september har pa NZ! :)

Tack for titten!!!!

And the winner is...

Dragningen i min lilla utmaning ar nu gjord! Skrev namn pa lappar som sedan lades i Tovas lilla mossa. En lapp for varje bidrag.
I lilla mossan

Mannen som ar hemma o malar fick aran att dra vinnaren. Och vinnaren blev....


The winner is:


Grattis!!! Maila Din address till mig sa skickar jag lite Nya Zeelandska godbitar till Dig!

Tack till alla er som hangde pa min utmaning, det var kul att se hur ni inspirerades av Tovas fina klanning!

Bidrag #7

Ett sista bidrag innan min dragning senare idag. Finfin LO fran Marie Karlsson: