Last post for a while

So. Tomorrow I head off for EIGHT weeks. Sweden here I come!!!

But first things first. In my last post I wrote in Swedish, and asked you English speaking  ladies to guess what I wrote about. Well, I was asking my Swedish online scrapping buddies where to find cool scrapbooking products at my two destinations in Sweden, should my budget allow it. Window shopping doesn't cost though, does it?

Anyway, Hannah was closest (I guess it's her Swedish heritage coming through) and there's a RAK in the post for you!!

For you who are interested in what me and Tova will be doing during our time in Sweden, feel free to check out my
personal blog. I've switched to English so that everyone can understand. Nice huh...

I don't feel like I'm making any sense any more, better go and get some sleep before the big trip tomorrow.

Leaving you with a few LO's. The two top ones were unsuccessful in the Paper Pesto Guest DT search. I don't mind. I really love the LO's. I've scrapped the photos before, but I just love them!!!

The third LO is this months DT LO for Scrap with V, and the fourth LO is my example for this weeks challenge over at Scrapbooker's Delight! Get over there and read about it!!!

SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A post in Swedish

As most of you know, I am off to Sweden in only 10 days!!!!!!! HELP!!!

For various reasons, I am gonna write this post in Swedish.

I sincerely apologise to my non-Swedish-speaking friends... But - I promise to send off a little RAK to the first non-Swedish-speaking person who gives me a correct guess on what this post is about!


Have fun!

OK, bara 10 dagar kvar, och jag måste börja organisera mig lite!! Det är verkligen en budgetsemester för mig och Tova, men det går ju inte strunta HELT i scrapbooking... :) Så jag undrar helt enkelt vad det finns for affärer för mig att besöka. Både i Växjötrakten, och i Stockholm. Det är där vi garanterat kommer befinna oss under våra 8 veckor. Jag måste kanske inskaffa lite Maja design-papper till exempel, och också kanske promarkerpennor som inte finns här på NZ.

Jag vet om Landstoken - hon bor granne med syrran!! Men mer?? Vart kan jag ta vägen för att stilla mitt scrappingsinne?

Uppskattar all hjälp jag kan få!!!

Tack och kram!!!