So... After thinking about it for a few months, I have now decided. I am moving to Wordpress!

You can now find me here:

Please update your favourites, your bloglines or whatever leads you to me, wouldn't wanna lose ya!

Happy happy!

Just wanted to blow my own trumpet for a second... (It's my blog - so I can!)


I'm now one of the contributor's @
The Sketchbook NZ!!! Very cool - as that's where I hang out all the time!


Check out the other contributors blogs:


Different styles

So at the crop a couple of weeks ago, I was concentrating on getting a couple of LO's done, that I was sending away for a DT call. This is something I haven't done in a while, so I wanted to be happy with what I sent. And I am really happy actually... I tried to do two LO's that showed totally different styles, but was ME at the same time. I feel I did just that... Together with my bungy jump LO, I feel I have presented what I can create, and how I like to preserve all those moments and memories.

The DT I've applied for is
Wicked Princesses Scrap Kits. I think their kits are WAY cool, and would love to be on their DT, but if I don't get it, I'll still be very happy with what I came up with for the DT call. Hope you like them too...


As promised

As I promised yesterday, here asre some photos of my latest creations. There are even more lying around, but I can't show them all. Soooooon...

First, the October LO for
Scrap with V

There's journalling going around the patterened pp, hard to see I just noticed...

Then, my LO for the 5th event over at the Sketchbook Olympics - the Track and field. Had to use an outdoor actvity photo this time... I had so much fun making this LO!

And then the 6th and last Olympic event - Archery. Bullseye and arrow required:

Look at my girl, all grown up...


Well, that's all for today. Some exciting stuff happening for me soon - will tell you next week!

Handbag alert

My blog server doesn't want to load pictures at the moment, so while I'm waiting for that to fix itself - go have a look at this site where you can win a free handbag!!!

Hopefully I'll have some pics for you tomorrow...