The simple style

I really like to try different styles on my LO's, I try to vary. A lot of the time I fail though... :)

For my Sweden-trip album i decided to go with the 8.5"x11" format, and to get them all done before I retire (!) I decided to just go for SIMPLICITY. I have also decided to do them all in Swedish. Most of my LO's have been in English lately, so it's time for the Mother Tounge to be used!!


I went over to
Megan's house for a bit of girl time on Friday, and got three done. 

On this first one, the photos gives it all away... "Dress up time"

This is Tova and her cousin playing with water FOREVER. So much fun!

This title simply says "Summer girl".

Then I decided to make a LO for the celebrity challenge over at the Sketchbook. Not sure I met all the criteria, but another LO for the album...


Yep. I like the combo pink and brown at the moment...


Right. Smore stuff coming later in the week, 'til then!

[insert title here]

Yep. Couldn't come up with a title for this post...



It's been a full on weekend for me. Went to a whole day crop on Saturday, and finished four LO's. Normally I would do twice as many, but I'm happy I got those done, and I like them all!!! I can't show you all of them today, but here's two of them.

This one is for the fortnightly sketch @


And then my FIRST EVER 8.5 x 11 LO. I've bought an album for our Sweden trip in that size, very exciting!!!

The LO is about Tova's first attempt to eat an apple like a "big girl". She just grew so much during our trip over there. Both physically and mentally...

Will show the other LO's in a while... :) Need to send them somewhere else first!



Then I had a pregnancy scare on Sunday night, both me and my midwife thought I had gone into prem-labour, but thank God I hadn't. I just have to live with pain until baby comes. That's OK I guess, as ling as baby waits to come out 'til he/she is readily baked!

Finally, the RAK! No - I hadn't forgotten! I asked my DH to pick a number between 1-12 (no of comments) and he picked...

number 12!

Congrats Mandyb!!!

As you are hanging out on the same forum as me, just PM me mith your addy, and I will send you the sparkly thickers!!

OK. Gonna have a lay down now, while my daughter is at daycare. Hubby came home with a 46" LCD last night, so a the couch and a movie seems like a good idea to me...


Some of you might remember my lack of mojo during the last months (5 months!!!). Well, I'm afraid to jinx it, but it seems to be back. I'm creating again, not in the same speed as before the loss of mojo, which probably is because of my pregnancy, but I AM CREATING and I often feel inspired.

So... The last week or so, I've kind of celebrated this by "treating myself" with some online shopping... And please don't tell my husband, but I think I might have gone a little bit overboard... :) The last few days I have got happy mail from six different shops. Mmmm... Lots of yummy stuff!!!

Well, I figured that someone else but me should enjoy my shopping frenzy, don't you think? This is where my RAK comes in. It's not much, but I'm sure someone wants it?

Leave a comment here before Sunday 18 September, and you're in the draw for a packet of AC thickers, see photo below. Put a link to my blog on your blog, and you have two "tickets" to the draw. How does that sound?

I will post the RAK anywhere in the world!

Good luck!!


Well, not my LO, it's pretty ordinary. I can't seem to get my head around LO's that hasn't got people in them!!! But the views in these photos on my LO are magic. I love this country!!!

The LO is for the fortnightly sketch over at the

And then this weeks Olympic LO. The theme had to be nautical/water and it had to have clear elements on it. I used Paper Pesto's latest kit, apart from the alphas, and this is my result!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!!!

2 years ago...

...the most beautiful girl in the world was born - my Tova! Happy birthday my sweet!!

If you wanna see pics of her day and the cupcakes I made for her to take to daycare (my first EVER!!!) go check out
my blog in Swedish!




The olympics continues...

Last weeks challenge at the Sketchbook Olympics was the decathlon - use 10 things on your LO, no more, no less...

This is my result, and I have to say I'm thrilled with it! It's not a spectacular LO in any means, but I was so happy to find this photo of me from ten years ago, and the LO pretty much came together by itself. It's harder than you think to limit yourself to 10 things to put on a LO (photo included!!!). I dare you to try it if you haven't already!


This next LO is for a challenge over at the SWV cybercrop, uploading has to be done by midnight tonight!

Now, I'm gonna put my feet up and rest 'til it's time to pcik the monkey up from daycare. My midwife says I can do NO housework, so I'll obey...

Late night creations

SInce hubby is still not OK, I had to wait 'til late last night to get scrapping. A HARD task for a pregnant lady with the flu, but what was I to do? I live for my hobby, right?


The first LO is for the celebrity challenge over at
Sketchbook, I got it it JUST on time before midnight... The challenge was to use speech bubbles. Very cool challenge! Bad photo I'm sorry, but hopefully you can see what I have done...

The second LO is for the DT only challenge over at SWV. It's abput my amazing goddaughter Lea. I wish I could live closer to her, she is such a smart and beautiful girl, but it is what it is...

The CC is still going on, you have 'til midnight tomorrow to upload your creations. Go have a peek!!


Typical male

It's Father's day on Sunday here in NZ. So the theme for this weekends cyber crop over at Scrap with V is very suitable - TYPICAL MALE. The challenges this time are all about the men in our lives, very cool!!! Go check it out!!

I set the sketch challenge this time, and this is my take on my own sketch:

I'm hoping to scrap a lot more this weekend, but since we spent the day in hospital yesterday (my dear husband has kidney stones!!!) we'll see how we go. One hour at a time...


Off to organise breakfast for the little one now, thanks for stopping by!

First LO

I've had the worst flu in history, well it's still hanging around actually. It started as a normal flu with cough, sore throat, aching muscles and a blocked nose. It soon turned in to HIGH fever with hallucinations at night, and a horrible sinus infection. Now, the hard part in this (apart from the rest of the family being sick and grumpy too!!) is that there is hardly nothing for me to take to make it better or easier, as I'm pregnant. It has turned quite nasty. I have had no sleep for over a week, and daytime has just been about surviving. Thankfully Tova goes to daycare three days a week, otherwise I would have dropped dead, I'm sure...

So, managing to do a LO for the second challenge over at
Sketchbook feels like a huge accomplishment! And the fact that I'm happy with it too is a bonus! It's the first LO for my new baby's ablum. I took the photo myself actually... :)

The journalling around the swirls reads:

I still can't believe that you are in there... inside of me!!!
To be blessed again is a miracle. Someone up above must love me!


I am so excited to see who you are,

to get to know you!

I can't wait to hold you...


You are already "talking" to me,

you keep kicking and moving around all day.

Such an amazing feeling.


I love you my baby, I love you.

The photo isn't all that great, but I hope you get the picture. Now I need to buy an album to put it in!!! Have to go with a neutral colour, as we didn't find out about the sex on the last scan. Exciting...

Thanks for leaving a footprint when you've been here.... :)