So... Anyone up for some free stuff??

I feel like celebrating, for a few reasons. The first reason is that I have now been hooked by this addictive art called scrapbooking for about two years, and had this blog for little over a year. The second reason is that on Friday I will start work again, after being a staying at home mom for 18 months, in my LSS
"Scrapbookers Delight".

I am really excited about all of the above, and what better way to celebrate than a giveaway?

This time around you have to put a little bit more effort in than in my last competitions... :) I want you to leave a comment in this post, including two things:

1. Guess how many 12 x 12 LO's I have done since I started - 'til today's date.

2. Give me the link to your own blog, where you tell your readers about this competition. If you don't have a blog, tell me that in the comment, I'm sure we can work something out if you are the winner!!!

Easy enough?

So... What can you win? I will give you 40 NZD/200 SEK/35 AUD/32 USD to spend on whatever we can tempt you with from "my" new store - "Scrapbookers Delight"!!!!!! I don't mind what country you live in, I will post it for free to the winner!

Worth playing for? I hope so!

You have until April 2nd to do this!

Before you rush away to leave a comment, check out some of my latest creations. I have done some other stuff as well, some class kits for Scrap With V that I can show you after April 1st - no joke!!




Postat av: Trace

LOL Annelie, how on Earth are we meant to guess that!!
Here goes nothing, my guess is three hundred and fifty one layouts!!
And will do a link to your blog on mine, tonight, when I plan to post.
Thanks for the fun chickee, and all the best with daycare and work.

Postat av: Janine

Congrats on the new job. No idea on the layout front though lets guess 189 layouts

2008-03-23 @ 20:14:48
Postat av: Megan Renfree

Oh man, that is hard, but also an awesome prize to win!!
Ok, so my guess is you have had to have done somewhere around 195?
I know you pump them out, so you may have even done more than that!!

2008-03-23 @ 22:29:06
Postat av: KarenB

Goodness, how to guess?

I'm putting a link on my blog now :)

2008-03-24 @ 08:11:34
Postat av: Vicki

Now as to how many layouts - I have no idea - but you have been really busy so based on say 4 a week I'm guessing 420 over 2 years.

Good luck with the new job and hope it all works out OK.

2008-03-24 @ 09:37:45
Postat av: Melody Brown, Cape Town

Great blog - found you via Vicky. I will post your link when I blog again in the next few days.

Hmmm. Ah, I know! 492. I am right, arent I? South Africans have a cunning way of finding out the strangest things..... ;)

2008-03-24 @ 22:07:00
Postat av: KylieJ

Hi Annelie... my guess for number of LO's would be 312, with GUESS being the right word!!
I don't have a BLOG only new to the cyber world, will PM those girls @ SWV & tell them to join in!!

2008-03-25 @ 06:43:08
Postat av: Beverley Cunningham

Hi Annelie Good luck with the new job - its my two year anniversary of scrapping coming up in a couple of months too. I would guess you have done about 265.
Im off to update my blog now

2008-03-26 @ 02:10:06
Postat av: Nina

congrats on the new job Annelie!!
i am sure you will love it heaps.

my guess for the number of LO's you have completed in the last 2 years is: 278

2008-03-28 @ 02:38:08
Postat av: Yvette

Fantastic news on the job!
My guess would be 208, but I thinking maybe more because you have been such a scrapping machine recently!
I will post a link on my blog this afternoon.

2008-03-28 @ 23:49:48
Postat av: Mrs Frizz

Well my Swedish friend, how on earth are we supposed to guess that ... I'm thinking that if you scrap between 3-5 layouts a week [on average], so say 20 layouts a month, you probably scrap more than that actually when you have a real scrapping frenzy ... so I will take a real stab in the dark - 523 ... lol ... mind you that's an absolutely huge mind-blowing figure, but I will stay with it.

2008-03-29 @ 21:34:42
Postat av: Monica

Jag gissar på tvåhundratolv stycken! :-) Kram.

2008-03-29 @ 22:28:55
Postat av: Anneli

Hi Annelie!
Here I am....Next post on my blog I will do in Englisch so you can understand! Fun to see you visited my blog!

So you want me to guess....hahahah...I think you have made ......euuuhhhmm.....still guessing....euuhmm...I counted all your LOs on your blog
and added some more so my guess is 241. Hope I am right....hahaha!

While counting I saw many pictures of your lovely daughter....And I love your last LO with the title: "bff".

Groetjes (greetings in Dutch) from the Netherlands!

Anneli Tettero

2008-04-01 @ 09:14:34
Postat av: anneli

Left a message on my blog for you!

2008-04-01 @ 09:25:19
Postat av: Beverley Warwick

Hi Annelie, I'm going to guess 204 you do so many, my guess is probably way too low but the common sense side of me is thinking of how many albums that makes up!

2008-04-02 @ 01:29:00

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