Getting personal for a few seconds

So... Normally I don't share much stuff about my famliy and our life on this blog, since I have another blog (in Swedish) where I post everyday for my family and friends back home.

But today I just have to share with you how PROUD I am about how my daughter is doing at the moment! :) She started daycare yesterday, she's going to be there two days a week from now on. And - she loved it!!!! I knew she would, she has been so bored with me lately!


These last two days, she has had SO MUCH FUN! The teachers are raving about her happy mood, how well she eats (she even eats yoghurt - she won't touch that at home), and that she has even had naps during the day! I know - she is 18 months and these things are probably nothing to rave about, but I AM SO PROUD OF HER! She hardly cries when I leave, and she doesn't want to go when daddy comes to pick her up. It's such a releif that she likes it so much! Goodness, I have tears in my eyes just writing this!


And... The teachers at daycare asked me to put a little list together, of Swedish words that Tova says, to make it easier for them to understand her. Well. A scrapbooking mum can't just write a list, right? So I made a little album. This one:

(click on the pics to make them bigger)

Myself, I had my first day @ Scrapbookers Delight today. I knwo I'm just gonna LOOOOOOOOOVE working there. I feel very lucky to be able to work in an environment like that. Just the smell makes me happy!


OK, so I'll end this looooong post with some of my latest LO's. Both for challenges over at SWV.

And - DON'T FORGET my competition in my previous post. You still have a few days to enter!!

time for change

my girl


Postat av: Hannah

Yay!!! Way to go, Tova! That is awesome and you have EVERY right to be proud of your girl. Honestly, not all kids take to daycare like that, so she is doing amazingly well and it just reflects back on what an awesome mum you are. She is obviously well-adjusted and confident, which is just great. I'm so happy that she is enjoying it.

I'm also glad you enjoyed your first day at work! Really looking forward to coming to see you next Friday ... it's pretty much all planned out now and I am quite excited about it :-)

Postat av: Mrs Frizz

How cool is that ... love your wee album - brilliant idea.

It truly does make life easier as a working mum when your child enjoys going to daycare ... otherwise it can be more than a little stressful.

Take care and enjoy each and every day.

2008-03-28 @ 21:27:26
Postat av: Vicki

You have every right to be a proud mama and also a very relieved one as well that she has settled so well at daycare. The little book is a great idea.

Glad that you are enjoying your new job and had a wee laugh at even enjoying the smell of the place.

2008-03-29 @ 00:58:02
Postat av: Yvette

So great that she has taken to day care so well! Make sit much easier for you to leave her too I imagine! Gorgeous Idea with the album too.

2008-03-29 @ 01:23:51
Postat av: Trace

That's great news about Tova!
And watch out Annelie, I bet those daycare staff will have you busy making other things before long, now they've seen the book!

2008-04-01 @ 05:28:06

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