Two more for the CC

It has been a few late nights this weekend. I was planning tonight to be another one, but since I got up at 5am this morning to take the family to the airport, I am just TOTALLY knackered. I have done two more challenges for the CC over at SWV. I'm almost done with the fourth and last challenge, but just have to finish it tomoroow. There was also a photographic challenge, but I won;t be joining in on that one this time.

This LO was for a challenge to stamp with bubblewrap, use machine or hand sewing (I daon't have a sewing machine so I had to do a couple of stitches by hand), torn paper and handwritten journalling. My journalling is written around the swrily bling. Teh title says "I can do it myslf" and the journalling talks about how Tova now is a "big girl" and she can CERTAINLY put her shoes on herself!

kan sjalv

The next LO is for a challenge to use yellow and green, a 4 leaf clover, basically to think "St Patrick's Day". Hard one... This is my take:

I'm so lucky

The last challenge, the one I'm hoping to finish tomorrow is a sketch challenge with many photos. Good for me who seem to stick with only one photo on each LO!

The CC has been so much fun, and the creations in the SWV gallery are just stunning!

Rightio, bedtime!


Postat av: Hannah

Gorgeous pages - as usual! They are both great, but the second is my favourite. I just love the colours and the photo.
I hope you'll get time for a nap today ... you must be so tired after all that driving around and then an early drive to the airport.
PS. It was AWESOME seeing you again on Saturday - a really lovely surprise :-)

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