The simple style

I really like to try different styles on my LO's, I try to vary. A lot of the time I fail though... :)

For my Sweden-trip album i decided to go with the 8.5"x11" format, and to get them all done before I retire (!) I decided to just go for SIMPLICITY. I have also decided to do them all in Swedish. Most of my LO's have been in English lately, so it's time for the Mother Tounge to be used!!


I went over to
Megan's house for a bit of girl time on Friday, and got three done. 

On this first one, the photos gives it all away... "Dress up time"

This is Tova and her cousin playing with water FOREVER. So much fun!

This title simply says "Summer girl".

Then I decided to make a LO for the celebrity challenge over at the Sketchbook. Not sure I met all the criteria, but another LO for the album...


Yep. I like the combo pink and brown at the moment...


Right. Smore stuff coming later in the week, 'til then!

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