The olympics continues...

Last weeks challenge at the Sketchbook Olympics was the decathlon - use 10 things on your LO, no more, no less...

This is my result, and I have to say I'm thrilled with it! It's not a spectacular LO in any means, but I was so happy to find this photo of me from ten years ago, and the LO pretty much came together by itself. It's harder than you think to limit yourself to 10 things to put on a LO (photo included!!!). I dare you to try it if you haven't already!


This next LO is for a challenge over at the SWV cybercrop, uploading has to be done by midnight tonight!

Now, I'm gonna put my feet up and rest 'til it's time to pcik the monkey up from daycare. My midwife says I can do NO housework, so I'll obey...

Postat av: Hannah

WOW! Your Olympics layout is gorgeous! I love that photo! Now I'm not a judge but you HAVE to get a placing with that page, honestly.

Postat av: Vicki

Wow I love it too and I really loved your one from last week as well. Just gorgeous. As for the housework I would be listening to your midwife cos she does know best about these things! LOL

2008-09-09 @ 02:48:47

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