Late night creations

SInce hubby is still not OK, I had to wait 'til late last night to get scrapping. A HARD task for a pregnant lady with the flu, but what was I to do? I live for my hobby, right?


The first LO is for the celebrity challenge over at
Sketchbook, I got it it JUST on time before midnight... The challenge was to use speech bubbles. Very cool challenge! Bad photo I'm sorry, but hopefully you can see what I have done...

The second LO is for the DT only challenge over at SWV. It's abput my amazing goddaughter Lea. I wish I could live closer to her, she is such a smart and beautiful girl, but it is what it is...

The CC is still going on, you have 'til midnight tomorrow to upload your creations. Go have a peek!!


Postat av: Hannah

The layouts are great! I'm sorry that Kelly is still not doing well, I hope things improve soon!

Postat av: Trace

Great to see you still managed to fit in a bit of scrapbooking. Georgeous layouts Annelie!

2008-09-08 @ 06:12:53

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