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It's been a full on weekend for me. Went to a whole day crop on Saturday, and finished four LO's. Normally I would do twice as many, but I'm happy I got those done, and I like them all!!! I can't show you all of them today, but here's two of them.

This one is for the fortnightly sketch @


And then my FIRST EVER 8.5 x 11 LO. I've bought an album for our Sweden trip in that size, very exciting!!!

The LO is about Tova's first attempt to eat an apple like a "big girl". She just grew so much during our trip over there. Both physically and mentally...

Will show the other LO's in a while... :) Need to send them somewhere else first!



Then I had a pregnancy scare on Sunday night, both me and my midwife thought I had gone into prem-labour, but thank God I hadn't. I just have to live with pain until baby comes. That's OK I guess, as ling as baby waits to come out 'til he/she is readily baked!

Finally, the RAK! No - I hadn't forgotten! I asked my DH to pick a number between 1-12 (no of comments) and he picked...

number 12!

Congrats Mandyb!!!

As you are hanging out on the same forum as me, just PM me mith your addy, and I will send you the sparkly thickers!!

OK. Gonna have a lay down now, while my daughter is at daycare. Hubby came home with a 46" LCD last night, so a the couch and a movie seems like a good idea to me...

Postat av: Hannah

Your layouts were all gorgeous, Annelie. I LOVE the other 2 that you can't share! And these ones are beautiful as well. I was so inspired by your work that I couldn't find my own mojo :-)

I hope the pain is not too bad for you, and that some of those tips on the forum will help. Enjoy your rest on the couch, it sounds like you really deserve it! xox

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