First LO

I've had the worst flu in history, well it's still hanging around actually. It started as a normal flu with cough, sore throat, aching muscles and a blocked nose. It soon turned in to HIGH fever with hallucinations at night, and a horrible sinus infection. Now, the hard part in this (apart from the rest of the family being sick and grumpy too!!) is that there is hardly nothing for me to take to make it better or easier, as I'm pregnant. It has turned quite nasty. I have had no sleep for over a week, and daytime has just been about surviving. Thankfully Tova goes to daycare three days a week, otherwise I would have dropped dead, I'm sure...

So, managing to do a LO for the second challenge over at
Sketchbook feels like a huge accomplishment! And the fact that I'm happy with it too is a bonus! It's the first LO for my new baby's ablum. I took the photo myself actually... :)

The journalling around the swirls reads:

I still can't believe that you are in there... inside of me!!!
To be blessed again is a miracle. Someone up above must love me!


I am so excited to see who you are,

to get to know you!

I can't wait to hold you...


You are already "talking" to me,

you keep kicking and moving around all day.

Such an amazing feeling.


I love you my baby, I love you.

The photo isn't all that great, but I hope you get the picture. Now I need to buy an album to put it in!!! Have to go with a neutral colour, as we didn't find out about the sex on the last scan. Exciting...

Thanks for leaving a footprint when you've been here.... :)

Postat av: Hannah

Ugh, Annelie!! I had that exact flu in June, and it was horrible ... I can only imagine how much worse it must have been for you when you can't take any meds!! Hope you are on the mend now.

The layout is gorgeous!!

Postat av: Roo

Oh no for feeling so yucky, hope that doesn't hang around too long. get better soon.

Gorgeous lo, that journalling is so special.

2008-09-02 @ 04:33:17
Postat av: Trace

I love this layout Annelie, so very special, and the butterfly is so delicate and gorgeous. Sorry to hear you haven't been well, that just sucks!

2008-09-02 @ 07:01:56
Postat av: Mrs Frizz

One super duper fabbo layout ... it really is sensational!!!

Not so good on the feeling unwell though. You need to kick those germs goodbye - quick smart!

2008-09-03 @ 21:31:07

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