As promised

As I promised yesterday, here asre some photos of my latest creations. There are even more lying around, but I can't show them all. Soooooon...

First, the October LO for
Scrap with V

There's journalling going around the patterened pp, hard to see I just noticed...

Then, my LO for the 5th event over at the Sketchbook Olympics - the Track and field. Had to use an outdoor actvity photo this time... I had so much fun making this LO!

And then the 6th and last Olympic event - Archery. Bullseye and arrow required:

Look at my girl, all grown up...


Well, that's all for today. Some exciting stuff happening for me soon - will tell you next week!

Postat av: Hannah

Annelie, you've done it again! I LOVE those blue butterflies in the first layout, and how you've mixed them with the dark red papers. And how CUTE are those wee clouds in the second page?? Adorable!!

Tova is absolutely gorgeous, too!

Postat av: Mrs Frizz

Oh wow Annelie - memories ... stunning!!!

2008-10-03 @ 10:42:03
Postat av: kate

Wow Annelie, you've been creating up a storm! Can you send some of that mojo my way please? I've managed some birthday invitations this week and that's about it! xx Kate

2008-10-03 @ 12:50:50
Postat av: Trace

Just gorgeous Annelie - I love the butterflies on the first layout, they look stunning, and I see you've been busy with ribbon too!

2008-10-03 @ 20:12:49

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