New challenge up!

OK, so most of you know by now that I work at my LSS Scrapbookers Delight. You might also know that they have a blog. Hopefully, you have checked the blog out, and you then know that I put up a new challenge every Wednesday. So - today's Wednesday and the new challenge is up. Head on over and check it out - I would LOOOOOOVE for more people to enter! The more the merrier you know! You are welcome to participate wherever you are in the world, if you are the lucky winner, we will send a nice price to you!


My take of this weeks challenge - with all Kaiser products -  looks like this:

In other news - NO my scrapping mojo has still not come back. I did do three LO's at work (the above LO is one of them) but I still don't feel like I have any great ideas, if you know what I mean... Thank you all for your nice comments, I just have to wait this out I guess...

And on Mrs Frizz's orders; here is the miniablum that I did at work last week. It's all Kaiser products, apart from the ribbons who are from Fancy Pants:


Well, that's all for today. Remember to send some mojo my way, should you have some to spare and share... :)

Postat av: Mrs Frizz

Ewwwwhhh ... that makes me sound dreadfully bossy ... and I didn't mean it to be - honest!!!

Love the look of your layout - are those flowers all cut out and popped up - can't quite tell in that pic ... look stunning however you have done them.

Like your mini album and I think you will have used a fair bit of mojo putting that together. Couldn't click on the pics to get a closer look buddy, it came up with an error message.

Postat av: ilka

Oh yeah she's such a bossy boots that MRs Frizz isnt she?;p giggles hysterically

What a cool wee mini book and I love that red/lime green combo in the LO.

Yep hang in there that 'swinging in the groove feeling' will return!

2008-05-14 @ 13:36:08
Postat av: Roo

Great lo. And love your mini album - looks awesome.

Hope your mojo returns real soon :-)

2008-05-14 @ 21:20:34

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