My grandparents

While blog surfing I discovered that my LO was one of the chosen to be "published" - yet again - on the swescrapbook blog. Yay! :) The LO is about my grandparents, 84 years old. :) Another LO for my BoM!

Farmor & farfar

I'm working on a couple of projects that I can't show you yet... A mini-album that's gonna be a gift, a couple of challenge LO's and possibly my first try for a submission. Will see what happens...

Thanks for stopping by!

Postat av: Hannah

Gorgeous page, Annelie! I just love that green! And congrats on getting published online again - woohoo!

Postat av: Lisbet

My computer gave up before christmas and NOW i got it to work again. So now I spend time with surfing around and enjoy all the new cards, layouts that has been made since my last time. I have a big cup of coffe and I´m looking for inspiration.

Have a great 2008.

2008-01-16 @ 11:26:08
Postat av: MiaS

Grattis till publiceringen! Jättehärlig layout!!!

2008-01-17 @ 12:21:40
Postat av: Ilka

The colour combi is so fresh- looking gorgeous! Congrats on getting published again :)

2008-01-17 @ 21:31:32

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