My first publication!

I am so excited! Got an email from the UP2Scrap people today, and they have accepted the LO I sent in! It's going to be published in their May issue. I'm stoked!!! YAY!!! Yippeeeeeeeee!!! If I weren't on a diet I would have a glass of bubbly, but I'll just have to toast in sparkling water... :)

Have one LO to show you; my second contribution to SE's Friday night challenge. The title says "the help". Tova loves helping me with the cleaning, but prefers the big broom to the dishbrush. It looks a little bit funny with that big broom... So, the bracket is cut out on my cricut, and I have painted over mesh to "dolly it up" as Megan so funnily called it!


Postat av: Ilka

Woohoo congrats on getting published!
Gorgeous LO, really like the giant bracket!

Postat av: Mrs Frizz

CON - GRAT - U - LA - TIONS and well done ... look forward to my copy of Up2Scrap landing in my mailbox ...

2008-01-30 @ 10:02:21
Postat av: Beverley cunningham aka fifiscrapz

Thats awesome news about being published I love your layouts they are FAB

2008-01-30 @ 10:15:13
Postat av: Smarre

Åh vad skoj Annelie!! Grattis!!

Tack dessutom för den fina stämpeln som kom för några dagar sedan. *gillar*

2008-01-30 @ 12:51:35
Postat av: Monica

Tjoho! Jag är jätteglad för din skull. Grattis! (Om du tittar i min blogg senare idag, eller imorgon för dig, kanske du ser något du känner igen. :-)

2008-01-31 @ 14:44:19
Postat av: Hannah

This is just wonderful news, Annelie! I'm super proud of you!! And I say to HELL with the diet, open those bubbles!!!!!!! :-)

2008-02-03 @ 06:36:19
Postat av: cover letters

Jag är glad för dig! Kom ihåg detta ögonblick

2012-02-12 @ 10:23:44

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