Jamie Waters

Yesterday I attended a FABULOUS class with Jamie Waters. It was SO hot in the class room, but I had SO much fun! Managed to finish ALMOST three LO's in two hours, had to do the finish on the third one when I got back home.


As you can see, the style is quite different from what I would normally do, so this was VERY inspiring for me! I also won a book called "Designing with details" from Autumn Leaves where Jamie is part of the DT, and I can tell that's gonna push me in new directions. Very cool!!!

Back to the sun and paddlepool now, se ya later!

Postat av: Hannah

Wow, very cool layouts, Annelie! I agree, they are a different style, but you rocked them! As much as it can be hard to push yourself out of your comfort zone, it can also be really liberating. That book sounds great, I'm sure you'll get lots of new & inspirational ideas from it.

Postat av: Kate

You lucky girl! Jamie Waters has a neat style. I like your interpretations of it Annelie =) Was she a good teacher? xx Kate

2008-01-12 @ 08:48:59
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Postat av: Smarre

Wow! Vad kul att se dig scrappa så! Kanonbra lyckades du!

2008-01-12 @ 15:33:58
URL: http://mariekarlsson.blogg.se
Postat av: Mrs Frizz

Annelie, I love all three layouts ... awesome!!!
Nothing wrong with going outside your comfort zone from time to time.
They rock!!!

2008-01-13 @ 02:23:15
URL: http://frisbys.blogspot.com
Postat av: Trace

Georgous layouts Annelie!

2008-01-13 @ 05:15:36
Postat av: Anonym

Hi annalie, yay for trying something new and I love your layouts they are awesome!! Oh and the angel one just breath-taking, I love the little wings you have added, the words made me cry (yep I am a sook LOL) you talented lady :) Love ya !!

2008-01-13 @ 10:20:35
Postat av: Helena

De är superfina som alltid. Så du ska hem i somma?
Då måste du komma in till mig :)

Postat av: Karin

Underbara layouter allihopa! Härlig inspiration. Super-foto med jordgubbarna.

2008-01-14 @ 22:53:06
URL: http://kajsaloppan.blogspot.com
Postat av: Ilka

The class was so much fun wasn't it? Love what you did with yours!

2008-01-17 @ 21:29:54
URL: http://yaseennz.wordpress.com/

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