Been croppin'

I'm really tired, but thought I'd share with you the stuff I managed to finish on my 8 hr crop today. I was very un-inspired, but managed to finish one LO, and start another... :) Here is the finished one - about "today", a normal day in my life...


Also made two Valentine's Day cards. One in Swedish and one in English. Sorry about the bad photos, but it's kinda late and I can't be bothered...


(click on the photo to make it bigger)


Have been browsing a little bit (as you do) since I got home and discovered that one of my LO's have been chosen for a scraplift challenge here: Scrapinspiration. How cool is that????? Go on - scraplift me!!!


Well, it's time to hit the sack. Tomorrow I will draw the winners of my four stamps, there's still time to leave a comment a few posts down!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Postat av: Mrs Frizz

Gorgeous pic Annelie ...

Postat av: gunilla/nilla

Spännande och se om man vinner!!! Du är snäll som lottar ut så fina saker.
Du har åter igen skapat alldeles underbara alster. Alltid lika roligt att kika in.
Jag har en liten utlottning på min blogg. Men det är bara ett av mina kort! Så har du lust är du välkommen att ta en "lott" fram tom söndag.
Ha en underbar helg

2008-01-05 @ 16:59:13
Postat av: Vicki

Isn't how funny that we go to crops and get hardly anything done but still feel that we have had a great time anyway!!!

2008-01-05 @ 20:00:19
Postat av: Hannah

You look so pretty in that photo and it's a great layout. Congrats on being featured on that website!! Woohoo!

2008-01-06 @ 01:13:18

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