Hannah ( - who I've only met once, but who is becoming a dear friend of mine, have awarded me with this fancy award:


I am so honoured!!! The fact that Hannah follows about 100 blogs makes it even more special. THANK YOU!!! If you haven't already, make sure to visit her blog. She's an exeptional writer and an inspiring scrap booker!

Now I'm supposed to give this award to 10 other bloggers. Hard... I am also following about 100 blogs!! Almost all about scrap booking, and all my 10 are scrap bookers or card makers...


Anyway, here's my list, in no particular order:
(sorry - the link function is not working very well)

Anna B - (SWE)
Anna G/augusti - (SWE)
Åsa/badanka - (SWE)
Brook - (USA)
Helene - (SWE)
Leah - (USA)
Lilo - (SWE)
Megan - (NZ)
Petra - (SWE)
Zara - (SWE)


I have one LO to show as well. This one is also about summer of course... :) Loving the stiching template, but it takes time!!! I just discovered it has been "published" on the swescrapbook blog. It feels great!!


Postat av: Hannah

Awww, thanks for the sweet comments about me! But I honestly do think your blog is deserving of such an award! I am excited about the 10 you have chosen! Many of them are not familiar to me, so when I get time I will definitely be checking them out. I bet they are all amazing.

I really love your summery layouts, Annelie. And you have totally ROCKED that stitching template! :-)

Postat av: Leah


2008-01-22 @ 05:07:31
Postat av: Roo

Definitely a deserved award. I will be checking out your linked blogs too.
Great lo. Oh to be in a pool right now - sooo hot!!

2008-01-22 @ 06:49:18
Postat av: Vicki

Another fabulous layout - where do find the time to do it all?
You are really making use of the kit.
Congrats on the award - you so deserve it.
I just love reading your blog.

2008-01-22 @ 06:55:58
Postat av: Zarah

TACK gullet - både för awarden och för posten jag fick idag - du är ju för GO!! *attackkramar*

Ps. Såååå snygg LO!!

2008-01-22 @ 10:12:17
Postat av: Augusti_73/Anna

Tack snälla rara du! *GLAD*

2008-01-22 @ 10:29:58
Postat av: gunilla/nilla

Grattis till publiceringen av din LO, kanonsnygg och med härliga foton. Man längtar ännu mer till sommaren när man ser den.
TACK snälla för den fina stämpeln som kom med posten idag, superglad. Passar perfekt nu till alla hjärtans dag.
Ha det så bra och sköt om dig

2008-01-22 @ 14:49:34
Postat av: cattis

Jag såg den!! Grattis till publiceringen! =D En härlig layout som gör att jag längtar till sommaren..och det är bara januari än!

2008-01-22 @ 15:22:54
Postat av: Monica

Tusen tack för den fina stämpeln som kom idag! Jag har lagt den mitt på pysselbordet för att testa den så fort jag hunnit med alla måsten efter mässan. Och vilken glädje att få se dina sommarsidor! Här hemma fryser jag baken av mig och längtar så efter lite sol...

2008-01-22 @ 19:06:24
Postat av: Petra/Paradise

WOW!! Tack för utmärkelsen!!! *skuttar upp å ner*
Tack tack tack tack tack!!!
Vilken ära!! =D
Hoppas allt är bra med dej vännen!?
vilken härlig lo du gjort! Perfekt sommarkänsla!! =D
MÅnga kramar Petra

2008-01-22 @ 19:39:24
Postat av: Brook S.

Thank you so much...what a sweet award! And thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll efinately be stopping by do fantastic work! :)

2008-01-22 @ 20:09:31
Postat av: Megan Renfree

Hey ya chickadee.
Thanks for the award :o)
I feel honoured.
Will have to pay it forward in the next day or two.

2008-01-24 @ 09:47:33
Postat av: Mrs Frizz

Loving your creativity Annelie - gorgeous summer layout and what an adorable February page in your calendar.

2008-01-26 @ 22:43:49

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