A couple of new ones

I'm in a good spin. I make a lot of stuff, and I end up liking what I've done. Don't you just love that? I can't show you everything I've done, but here's a couple.

This first one is for
SE's Friday night challenge. The challenge was to "dolly up your die-cut". :) Cute... I've been wanting to scrap this photo of Kelly - or this occasion rather for a while, and I'm happy that I now have! I cut out the skyline on my cricut, and put yellow and red paper on the back to get the light in the windows. Looks cool I think!!!


The title on the next one says something like "Tova - cutie pie", and I love how it came out. I've had the idea in my head for a while, maybe I've stolen stuff from someone else, but... I like it anyway!



Back to my desk for more creating now. Thanks for stopping by my little space!!!

Postat av: Junitjej

Vilka fina layouter!

Postat av: Ilka

Oh I am loving these! Especially the top one, cool idea with the yellow lights and what a wonderful occasion to scrap about!

2008-01-27 @ 21:27:58
URL: http://yaseennz.wordpress.com/
Postat av: Mrs Frizz

Both layouts are brilliant Annelie, but that first one - he has just proposed - well that's sensational ... you need to submit that to one of the mags.
Someone has a call out atm with diecuts ... I'm sure that I read that somewhere.

2008-01-28 @ 07:23:51
URL: http://frisbys.blogspot.com
Postat av: Trace

They're both gorgeous layouts Annelie!

2008-01-28 @ 18:41:03
URL: http://milotui.blogspot.com
Postat av: ÅsaB

Den översta är så himla snygg! Ja den nedersta också.:-) Gillar framförallt hur du liksom lagt dekortationer och rubrik så nära fotona och sen lämnat luft runtom./Åsa

2008-01-29 @ 09:49:59
URL: http://scrapsystrar.blogspot.com
Postat av: Aase/ängel60

Mmmm gillar båda men den på lilltjejen fick en speciell plats i mitt scrappsinne....Gillar hur du använt dig av ett mönstrat botten papper...
Kram kram Aase

2008-01-29 @ 21:37:55
URL: http://angel60.blogg.se

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