Wooooooooo hoooooooot!!!

We're home!!! And that is my number ONE on my Woo hoot Wednesday list!!! (Hi
Janine!)  It's so wonderful being back with my DH again...

It's been almost 9 GREAT but long weeks since we took off to Sweden. It was fantastic seeing all my family and friends again. The best part (if you don't count the lovely summery weather that we had most of the time) was that I had time to get QUALITY time with most of my family and friends. On a short visit, you just don't. This time I got to see almost everyone at least twice!!! And Tova had a blast. She had so much fun playing with her cousins, and my friends kids. And boy has she grown during this trip... Both physically and mentally. She's not a baby anymore, that's for sure, and she's speaking Swedish like a true Swede!!!

Number two on my woo hoot list is all the new babies that have arrived around me. Congratulations all, you know who you are! I wish my own pregnancy was woo hoot only, but it's a bit of a struggle... I'm week 17 now, and I wonder if it is going to be this hard the whole time, just like when I was pregnant with Tova. I know I can manage, but with a 23 month tantrum girl in the house, I need some cheering on, and a lot of good advice to survive!!!

Number three on my list is the fact that I can feel a bit of inspiration coming back... I haven't had mojo for MONTHS, but catching up with Megan R in the weekend and watching her creating away gave me an inkling of hope. I might be able to sit down and scrap soon!!! With about 400 photos from our trip, there should be enough to get inspired from one should think...

Well, number four on my list have to be about indulgence.... I have missed the dunkin' donuts so much! I have only had two since I came back, but MAN are they good!!! Lov'em!! (They don't have them in Sweden...)

Right. That will have to be all for today, I'm finding it hard to get back in blog-mode. Leaving you with the LO's I made for Scrap with V (July and August kits) before I left. Hopefully there will be new creations coming up here soon!!!

Postat av: Janine

Welcome back, great list there Annelie. Congrats on your pregnancy too. Exciting times ahead for all of you. I bet it feels so good to be back home. Looking forward to seeing layouts from your trip back home.

Postat av: Trace

Welcome home Annelie, and congratulations on the pregnancy. Think you did well to only have 400 photos - we had over 2000 just for a trip round the south island LOL!

2008-08-13 @ 09:19:50
URL: http://milotui.blogspot.com
Postat av: Hannah

So great to have you back, Annelie! You've been missed (and I've missed our emails). I'm totally cheering for you, I know you can do it ... you're almost halfway there now, remember. The 2nd pregnancy IS harder, simply because you can't rest & relax when you have a toddler to chase! But in other ways, it's easier because the time passes more quickly. And I'm sure Tova will get easier as the weeks go by - it's an age thing for sure.

Looking foward to getting together to scrap sometime - just let me know when you're free :-)

2008-08-13 @ 09:21:38
URL: http://blairsboys.wordpress.com
Postat av: Louise Williams

Yay, welcome home!! I hope the pregnancy starts to settle down for you soon, it's hard having a toddler to contend with at the best of times!

Can't wait to see what you come up with for all those photos.

2008-08-13 @ 10:32:43
URL: http://louisewilliams.wordpress.com

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