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Thanks to my friend Megan who started The Sketchbook NZ, I have got some more LO's done! Her challenges are pushing all the right buttons for me!!


Here's my LO for the first challenge in the Sketchbook Olympics. The criteria was to use polka dot paper and circles. I am very happy about how the LO came out! For you non - Swedes; here's a little translation for you... :)

The title says "Big Girl". The journalling says "I thought it would be much longer before this day was here, but here it is. You're a Big Girl now!" The home made tickets says "Wonderful child" and "You have my heart".

And then my LO for the lates Friday challenge, also at Sketchbook. You had to use chipboard, stars and some sort of list. A very simple LO, but I like it!

Tonight there's a new challenge posted for the Sketcbook Olympics. Can't wait!!!                 

Postat av: Hannah

Wow, I love your layout for the cycling challenge! And gosh Tova is growing up, she looks so much older in that photo (her hair is longer anyway). Very cute!

Postat av: Trace

Great to see you back into scrappin' Annelie. Missed seeing your work while you were away.

2008-08-26 @ 07:18:05
Postat av: M@rjolein

Wonderful pages Annelie!

Have a great (and maybe creative...) weekend.

2008-08-29 @ 19:47:38

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