Wednesday fun!

I am very excited about what's going on @ the Scrapbooker's Delight blog tonight... :) It doesn't matter where you live in the world - pop in and have a look. It would make me veeeeeeery happy!!!


Oh - you're back?! Cool, isn't it?


Well, I can't leave you without pics, so here's one of my latest LO (morfar means granddad), and also a few CARDS! I know - it's been a while since I sat down and made cards! But one of my lovely sisters ordered some, so that was a great reason to make some!


Postat av: beverley Cunningham

Hi Annelie love the cards and layoutand yes I have gone and had a look at Scrapbooker's Delights blog and the challenge looks great - I love challenges so hopefully I will get a chance to do a layout or it - your job sure sounds fun!

Postat av: Mrs Frizz

What a gorgeous selection.
Your sister is going to be abasolutely rapt.
Well done.

2008-04-09 @ 11:32:53
Postat av: Petra/Paradise

AHA!!!!!!!!! Jag hittade dej!!!! tusan..fattar inte hur din lilla adress kunde försvinna, men den låg ju här bland mina favvisar!! =D
va mycket kort du gjort, superfina!!
Hoppas allt är bra med dej gumman!
Mycke på G nu. Hoppas det inte är för mycket bara ;)
Stor kram Petra

2008-04-09 @ 14:31:39
Postat av: anneli

Hi Anneli,
Are you feeling better again? I can imagine that you love to work in the's a dream job!
I like your challenge at the store's blog but tonight I am not able to make it. But maybe next week! I would love to win a RAK...hahahaha! I saw all the new stuff on the store's blog...and love it all!!

Regards Anneli

2008-04-09 @ 19:08:30
Postat av: Julie

Very very cool blog you have Anneli! - I so envious you working at Scrapbookers Delight.
Ive just been and had a wee nosy at the online shop and those templates look awesome!

2008-04-10 @ 04:15:13
Postat av: Kim Fifield

Hi Annelie,
Thanks for your comment on my blog! Your cards look fantastic, will have a look through the rest of your blog when I finish writing this. I have put a link on my blog for Scrapbookers delight and put a post up too about the site and challenge! How lucky are you working in a scrapbook shop? I noticed today that one of the two scrapbook shops in my little town are for sale - I wish! Have a fantastic week!

Postat av: Trace

Loving those cards Annelie, am off to check out SD blog now...

2008-04-10 @ 20:13:26
Postat av: Monica

Åh, vilken massa fint du gjort!

2008-04-12 @ 18:29:06
Postat av: Lilo

Oj så mycket fint och nytt här igen!!! Du skapar massor!!! Kram till dig!

2008-04-12 @ 19:24:27

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