It's Monday!

What more can I say? Almost Wednesday - but you've still got time to get your contribution in for the challenge over at Scrapbooker's Delight!


Remember that if your name get's drawn we will send you some scrapping goodies - wherever you live in the world!!

OK, so I've done some scrapping the last few days. Nothing unusual for me... :) But, the unusual thing for me is that I don't feel happy with what I have created. I am happy that I have got another LO done, but not necessarily about how the end result looks. Don't have a clue why...

Well, these are my latest creations anyway:

This title says "It's lucky we've got grandma"


The next two was created for the "Technique Monday" post on Scrap With V's blog. I've done a 3D effect with the photos. Pop over to the blog and read more if you'r einterested in how I did it! :)


so serious

Thats it for today. See you soon!!!!!!

Postat av: Malin

Hittade hit via Petras blogg - var bara tvungen att lämna en kommentar - underbara Lo´s

Postat av: Hannah

They look great!!

2008-04-14 @ 21:50:51
Postat av: Ilka

Oh ow you have been super creative Annelie, what a feast for the eyes, beautiful! Great news about the job! what a dreamjob indeed big congrats!!!

2008-04-15 @ 12:33:49

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