CC LO's and more

I'm feeling terrible at the moment, the flu has hit me hard. But I'm sure I'll survive like all the other times the flu has come for a visit!!!


The CC over at
SWV was a success as usual, and I got all challenges but one done. Am happy with that, considering I wasn't feeling the best. These are the LO's I created for the CC:

For the sketch challenge;

Jul 2007

(the title say's "Christmas 2007")

For a challenge called "I love to..." with the criteria to use at least 2 patterned pp's. The LO had to be about something apart from scrapping that you love to do;

I love to discover NZ

For the DT only challenge. It had to be a 6x12 LO (this is my first!!!), there had to be stamping on it, and the subject was "My dream holiday destination";

let's go around the world on a bike

And today I have posted a new challenge in the SWV forum, a scraplift challenge. You are to scraplift this fantastic LO from the amazing Swedish lady AnnaB:


(the title says "focus")

This is my take:


(the title says "beautiful")

Would be great to see your take on Anna's LO, you have 'til April 30th to post it in the SWV gallery!

I've actually got a lot more to share, but this is already a very long post, so I'll wait 'til tomorrow!

Have a great Monday!

Postat av: Hannah

I'm sorry that you're not feeling well, Annelie! You've had more than your share of illness lately, so not very fair.

I do love all the layouts you've shared. That one you posted to scraplift is gorgeous, and so is your take on it.

Postat av: Mrs Frizz

Considering you weren't well my friend ... you've rocked your layouts.
Very creative.

2008-04-07 @ 05:45:37
Postat av: anneli

Love it all!!

2008-04-07 @ 15:10:33
Postat av: lenalandis

Vilka fina LO´s. Tuff brud på MC! Vad fint du har fångat upp mösntret i klänningen med dekorationen på LO Vacker! Tack för titten!

2008-04-10 @ 18:08:26

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