Blog breakdown

It's not an April fool's day prank - the blog service have been shut down for a few days. But now we're back!


So - I hope that the visitors who came for my  competition - who couldn't comment' - will come back and try again! I will let the competition go for another couple of days ('til Friday) so that more people have a chance to grab the price!


Thanks to all of you who have already participated. There's quite a difference in your guesses... Anneli from the Netherlands has even gone back and counted my LO's on the blog!!!! The question is though - have I published them all...?


Today is the day when the April Class Kits have gone up on the
Scrap With V site! Very exciting! This is one of mine that you can purchase!

Beach memories

Beach memories open

I've also taken part in a few of the monthly challenges over at SWV, but I did them without my otherwise so present mojo. The first one is for a black/white and green challenge, the second one for a challenge where you could only "spend" $5 on your LO.



I think my mojo might be back now though... After spending a couple of days at my new job at Scrapbookers Delight, I feel inspired!!!

See you again Friday!!

Postat av: Anonym

Yep, I'm thinking Mr Mojo is now back at your house ... have fun being creative.

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