THREE challenges done!

Today I went to my first crop ever! Soooooo much fun!!! We were'nt many, but we were awesome... :) Sorry ladies if I coughed on you a lot, but I didn't want to stay at home... :)

Even though I spent almost six hours over at
NZ Scrapbook Company, I only finished two (and a half) LO's. I guess it's all the talking... I finished the third one tonight after dinner. I just HAVE to finish my LO's before I go to bed. It's an obsession...

So, here's the first one, for Louise's challenge to only use black and white:

the best piece of me

The second one is for the NZ Dares challenge to only use two colours on the LO. It's the first time I participate in their dares! Don't know if I can put it on here though, so will wait a bit with that...

The third one is for the Friday night challenge at Scrapbook Essentials, I can't show you that one either...   :)
Off to buy cough medicine now... CIAO!                                                                                                                           

Postat av: Janine

wow love that black and white look!! Sounds like you have had a ball scrapping wise. Take care of that cough.

2007-10-27 @ 21:47:02
Postat av: Hannah

OMG, that layout is awesome!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!

Glad you had so much fun! Crops are great, I never get much done (well, not as much as I would at home) but it's enjoyable and there are lots of laughs.

Hope you get better soon! I've got that cough ... Dr says it's the "90-day cough". Yikes.

Postat av: Louise Williams

That's a gorgeous layout! I love black and white - they're always so crisp and classy looking! Well done and thanks for entering :)

2007-10-28 @ 04:15:39
Postat av: Mrs Frizz

That layout rocks ... it's awesome ... love black and white combo's.
Well done YOU!!!!

2007-10-29 @ 08:35:18
Postat av: Megan Renfree

You did such a great job of your Red and white one!
LOL that you had to finish it that night though!
I havn't done anything since :o)

Really loved meeting you, and definately hope to scrap with you again soon!

2007-10-30 @ 00:48:59
Postat av: Aase/ängel60

Wow, järre fin. Kramis Aase

2007-10-31 @ 15:38:10

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