Mostly cards

I've got mostly cards to show you today. But first, a LO that I'm so happy with! I sent it to a competition on a Swedish blog/online boutiqe; Brunkullan. The theme for the LO/card was "Girls just want to have fun". Also, you had a sketch to be inspired from. This is my colourful result, I like it a lot! The title says "party babes". :) We had so much fun together...


I can also show you the invitiation I made for my sister, for my nephew's christening coming up in November. They were happy with the result, and that's the main thing!


I tried to make it simple and clean. (Välkommen means "welcome"). On the inside the details are written in calligraphy.

And so, some cards...

More LO's to come next week, thanks for stopping by!

Postat av: Janine

hey busy chick nice cards and layout

Postat av: Beverley

That's a lot of cards - you have been rather busy! Love the layout too.

2007-10-20 @ 10:57:05
Postat av: Hannah

I really like that layout, it's so fun and the colours are great!! The cards look awesome too, you are so good at churning them out! Yay you!

2007-10-21 @ 09:43:21
Postat av: SannaF

OJ vad mycket fint det fanns här!
Gillar Pinglor layouten massor!

2007-10-25 @ 15:40:47

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