The fourth challenge contributions have been published at Scraputmaningen. The challenge was to create an embellishment out of something you find in your home. I had real trouble with that... Had no ideas at all! Tried looking around in the gallery at SE, since one of the challenges in that comp was to make your own embellishments, but no. Totally blank. Zilch. Nada. The big doghnut. I ended up using bubblewrap in the end, just to send something in. I love the photo, so the LO turned OK because of that, but I am disappointed with my lack of fantasty...

Scraputmaning 4

Postat av: Hannah

Well, I've never seen bubble wrap stuck on a layout before so I think it's creative! I've seen people STAMP with bubblewrap but not actually stick it on the page. I think you've done well! You are right about the gorgeous photo, it's soooo sweet! And those butterflies are the cutest!

Postat av: Yvette

Annelie I LOVE your layout. Gorgeous photo and very creative using the bubble wrap!

2007-10-23 @ 04:54:36
Postat av: SannaF

Super söt layout!!!!

2007-10-25 @ 15:39:46

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