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Yesterday I dropped off an early Christmas present for my best friend here in NZ. A little minialbum that I started last Saturday during the crop, and that I finished this week. Both my friend and I agreed we couldn't wait 'til Christmas, so she opened it. She seemed to like it... :) The photos are a bit crappy as I had bad light and was in a bit of a hurry when I took them. Never mind... Click on them to make them bigger!


Tonight I finished my LO for this weeks sketch at Veckans Skiss! The title says "cousin" and the journalling is about Tova and her oldest cousin; how they see each other quite often (he works with my husband), but almost never end up in a photo together! Love my new Li'l Davis alphas!


I've also got a couple of cards to share.


Bed time now, starting to feel the flu that my man and my girl have had for the last few days...

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Postat av: Lisbet

Weekend, and the second week into the christmascelebrations. I hope everything is great ? I`ve just survival a cold. I thought I should make an inspirationsround before I go home from work.

Have a nice weekend.

Postat av: Hannah

What a lovely gift for your friend!
Sorry to hear that you're not well - I hope it goes away before it turns into anything major.

2007-12-07 @ 20:27:44
Postat av: Mrs Frizz

You have been busy ... hope you have sent those germs packing.

2007-12-07 @ 21:41:09
Postat av: Mummy moo

I adore your Cousin Layout just STUNNING!!! and the mini album is fantastic I hope you are feeling better real soon! I love your work Annelie is is so creative !!

2007-12-09 @ 05:04:14
Postat av: Edina

Ohh vad härligt med egen familj :)

2007-12-11 @ 02:34:02

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