Not Tova!!!

Would you believe that I have three LO's to show you, and none of them is with Tova in it?


The first one is for the last challenge over at
Scraputmaningen. The challenge was to scrap about your home. Since I have two homes, I scrapped about that! This journey have been going for ten weeks, and I'm proud of myself for sticking to it, even though I never placed in the top ten. I know a few people dropped out, when they lost the chance to win something. I now have ten more LO's that I wouldn't have if I didn't go through with it, and that's awesome!

Scraputmaning 10

The next one is for this weeks sketch challenge over at Veckans Skiss! It was quite a difficult sketch, and my take is not very close to it, but I'm VERY happy with the result. The title says "love", and the journalling is actually a quote from a Swedish song. I saw someone else using the quote on a LO (can't remember who!!!). And isn't this a great photo of my husband? :)


The last one is for the Friday night challenge over at SE. The challenge was to use, staples, fabric, some kind of ticket or business card, and to have handwritten journalling. I happened to be the only one submitting something, so I won! Funny that... :) I'm actually quite pleased with the LO, and LOVE the photo! The man himself seemed pretty pleased with it too... :)

new york

Have also been busy making some Christmas presents, but won't show them here yet. Don't wanna spoil the surprises!

Have a great day!

Postat av: Hannah

Wow Annelie, where do you find the time? You are doing so many challenges and congrats on sticking it out for 10 weeks, that's not easy to do! I love all 3 layouts but the last one is my fave, it just ROCKS!

Postat av: Mrs Frizz

You have been scrapping up a storm Annelie ... well done YOU!!!!!

2007-12-03 @ 06:22:29
Postat av: Megan Renfree

They are so great Annelie!
I love them all, especially the one of your hubby in New York!
You are definitely the challenge queen!!

2007-12-05 @ 09:54:23

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