I'm busy!

Yup, there's alot of creating going on in the evenings. Almost every night I'm burning the midnight oil... :) I'm having a good old time though!


Last night I made 8 tags for Meg's mini Christmas challenge over at
SE.  I've got a couple more to make, so that noone in my husband's family will feel left out!


Yesterday I discovered that the LO below had been "published" on the swe scrapbook blog. Very cool... The tile reads "Wonderful and simple, the love for you".

Underbar och enkel

Over at Scraputmaningen, they are having a "Cathy Zielske" week, and I have done two LO's inpired by her style.

The first one says "nap time" and the text on the bottom is a line from a Swedish song. The second one is about my Sweden, what I miss and love about my homeland... :)


Cathy lift

Another challenge on Scraputmaningen's blog was to create a LO where only half the page was used, you had to use something with spots, and something "see through". My LO is about my visit to London in 1998! Wow, almost 10 years ago...


Well, that's all for today. I have some more stuff actually, but will save it for another day!

Happy scrapping!

Postat av: Hannah

Oh, gorgeous tags!! And congrats on getting your layout "published" on the website - woohoo!! :-)

Postat av: Anonym

Hi Annelie, I love those tags, wow everyone is so spoilt to get such cool tags :) Gosh you have been soooooo busy I love the LO's and CONGRATULATIONS to!! YOu deserve it your work is stunning !! I hope things are feeling a bit more like Christmas for you ?

Janine :)

2007-12-17 @ 22:47:37
Postat av: SannaF

Vad många ursnygga layouter du har gjort!

2007-12-23 @ 20:52:22
URL: http://sannaf.blogspot.com

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