Christmas? Really?

No, I don't feel it. Doesn't feel like Christmas at all. I guess the lack of cold weather and dark afternoons does that, and the fact that I have no family here. Not even my sister, she left to go back home yesterday. I feel miserable, can you tell?

Luckily, I can escape to scrapbooking! I've done some stuff, can't show you everything, but some:

First up, my take on the latest dare over at


Am very happy with this actually! This was the dare:  to scrap a saying which has special meaning in your family; something future generations might look back on & smile about! It could be a quote or saying you use frequently, (or something your mother says which you have found yourself saying now!); or words someone in your family have made up which are repeated and have become a unique part of your family life, even nicknames.

My journalling reads: Since you are half Swedish, half kiwi, we decided you are a "swewi"! It totally makes sense!

I can also show you my take on this weeks sketch over at Veckans Skiss!


Not as happy with that one... Also the colours look really crap here, they are more "colourful" in real life! The title says something like "curious monkey". She's very curious, my daughter. Dad's gumboot was very interesting that particular day... :)

Will show some more LO's another day, thanks for stopping by!

Postat av: Hannah

Sorry you are feeling a bit miserable, Annelie. It must have been very hard to say goodbye to your sister, and of course you miss your family a lot at Christmas time. It must be quite unusual to have Christmas in summer when you are used to winter ones. (((HUGS)))) to you, I hope you still enjoy the festive season and feel the joy of Christmas even without your Swedish family & friends close by.

Postat av: monica

Tack för gullig kommentar i min blogg! Kyrkan är tyvärr inte Tolg utan Linneryd (några mil sydost om Växjö), men det är underbart stämningsfullt med lucia i kyrkan =)

Önskar dig en trevlig jul!

2007-12-16 @ 09:13:10

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