Whooo hooot THURSDAY!

Well, it turnes out I have things to be happy about today as well! Funny that!


I got a copy of the latest UP2SCRAP magazine today, with MY FIRST PUBLACTION in it! I don't know if it's bad to say that I'm VERY PROUD of myself - but I am! It was the first time I sent something in, and they accepted it! It looks fabulous in print and yeah. It feels good!

A shout out to all you other ladies that I know through cyber space who got their work published as well. Go us!

Here is the LO that is on page 14 in the mag:

I also got happy mail today. In December (!) I won a set of stamps from a Swedish company called Magnolia. I haven't heard back from them in months, they havent' replied to emails or anything. But today a collection of stamps showed up in my mailbox. They look kinda qute, but I haven't decided if I want to keep them or not. Maybe I'll sell them cheap to someone who wants them. We'll see. Good to finally get them though!!

So yeah, today was a whoooo hoot day as well!!!

Postat av: Mrs Frizz

Con-grat-u-lations my Swedish friend ... well done you!!! Can't wait for my copy to land in my mail box.

Your layout is stunning ...

Postat av: Janine

congrats on being published thats awesome!!! Whoo hoot on the stamps too.

2008-05-08 @ 12:29:15
URL: http://angelgurl.wordpress.com/
Postat av: Hannah

YAY YAY YAY!! I got my mag today and saw your layout ... just gorgeous! No it is not bad to be very proud of yourself, you should be! I am very proud of you too.

2008-05-08 @ 12:44:06
URL: http://blairsboys.wordpress.com
Postat av: Hannah

Hmm, my other comment is not here ... I am thinking I am doing something wrong with your new verification thingie ...

Anyway, HUGE congrats and I am very proud of you!

2008-05-08 @ 12:45:39
URL: http://blairsboys.wordpress.com
Postat av: Louise Williams

Yay you!! I saw that gorgeous layout - congrats!!

2008-05-08 @ 12:46:24
URL: http://bigyellowdogblog.blogspot.com
Postat av: Ilka

WTG fab news and gorgeous LO too. I reckon it's good to be proud of oneself, and yo've got such good reasons to be!

2008-05-08 @ 21:02:05
URL: http://yaseennz.wordpress.com/
Postat av: Vibeke74

Denne var skjønn!!! Helt herlig LO!!!! :)

Postat av: Roo

That is fanatstic to be published in up2, well done you. Gorgeous lo too.

2008-05-10 @ 08:45:14
URL: http://acreativeblank.wordpress.com/
Postat av: PysselLotta

Men så undervar LO! Vackert foto och vackert komponerad LO - gillar den "skira" känslan över journaling:en och de milda färgerna!

// PysselLotta

2008-05-11 @ 22:49:22
URL: http://pyssellotta.blogg.se/

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