Where have I been?

Sick. For two weeks. Really sick with a nasty cough. And I'm still sick. It doesn't want to go away. Haven't been to work, but will go in for a couple of hours today. Am talking myself up to it at the moment. I'd loooooooove to stay in bed...


On Wednesday I put up a sketch challenge over at
Scrapbooker's Delight. Check it out if you haven't already. I need some beautiful creations in my mailbox to cheer me up!!!


This is my take on the sketch. Gotta love the Prima marketing papers!!!

So. My own scrapping? No. Not really happening. I've still not found my mojo, and being sick is obviously not helping. Am also starting to freak out a little bit about my trip to Sweden. Only two weeks to go!!! Gosh!!!

Here are a couple of LO's that I managed to finish during our girls weekend last weekend. A poor result, but it was lovely getting away for a weekend!

Postat av: Hannah

Sorry to hear that you've been so sick, and still are. I hope you are able to rest up over the long w/e and get over it fully.

I love the sketch layout, and yes those papers are gorgeous! All the other pages are fantastic as well. I think those weekends away are better for social catching up than a lot of scrapping, so to get 3 LOs done is great!

Postat av: Trace

That's not such good news then Annelie, hard when you have to keep going and all you want to do is snuggle up in bed. And don't worry, when there's not so much on your plate, your mojo will come flying back through the door. Love the photo of Tova eating the berries, so cute!

2008-05-30 @ 04:58:51
URL: http://milotui.blogspot.com
Postat av: Vicki

Did think you had been a little quiet but to be sick for this long is just not right. So hope you are starting to feel better and come right for your big trip.

Love all the layouts and especially Tova's one - that paper is just perfect.

2008-05-30 @ 06:51:53
URL: http://vickiparker.wordpress.com/
Postat av: Monica Bernpaintner

Hoppas att du snart mår bättre, Annelie! Vi åker till Thailand samtidigt som du åker hit. Förstår om du är lite pirrig i magen. :-)

2008-05-30 @ 07:48:47
URL: http://monnahs.blogspot.com
Postat av: Mrs Frizz

Okay, so you need to have a good talking to yourself ... tell those bugs of yours to disappear, you've had enough ... come on, get rid of them!!!

Two weeks to go ... woo hoo ... you are going to have a blast and it will be no time and you will be boarding the plane.

Scrapping ... with no mojo - looks as tho there is plenty of mojo there to me my friend!

2008-05-30 @ 09:05:50
URL: http://frisbys.blogspot.com
Postat av: Katja


Oj så länge sen jag var in här och vad du har utvecklats massor i ditt scrappande...säger bara WOW!!!

Ser att du är på väg till Sverige. Kul. Hoppas det blir härliga veckor "hemma" för dig.

Kram Katja

2008-06-08 @ 18:34:01
URL: http://katscrap.blogg.se/

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