That's how I feel about my blogging lately. Don't know what's happened. And TOTALLY useless at leaving comments on your blogs. I apologise. I read them though! Will try and up my comments soon!!!

Anyway. The monthly cybercrop is in full run over at
Scrap with V. We have a LOT of cool challenges and prices, and it's not too late to join!

I have a sketch challenge up this time, this is the sketch and my take on it:



The title says "Life is my greatest gift".

I've managed to get two other challenges done so far, for the CC. This is the "Me and my mum" challenge, quite like how it came out!


And this LO is the "Fairytale" LO. How to explain... Well. We were to be inspired by a fairytale, fable or folk story, that is somehow related to your everyday life. Also, thee needed to be LOTS of bling, 5 journalling bits and 5 butterflies/flowers/hearts/stars, adn ribbon. So. Lately I have had a bit of white space on my LO's. No space for white space on this one!!!


And yes. I found refill cartridges for my dymo. At a store who doesn't even sell dymo's. (Dick Smith's) The sell mostly electrical stuff, TV's and games and all that jazz! Me happy!


Now I'm off to try and finish the other two challenge on the CC.

Oh - before I forget!!! This is my May LO for Scrap with V. You can go to the shop and buy the kit now!!!

My Angel


Postat av: Hannah

Hey, no need to apologise! I know what's happened - you are BUSY! Working, selling a house, being on a Design Team ... these things take up lots of time.
But I'm so pleased you have been able to find scrapping time, these layouts are gorgeous! And you are soooo photogenic, I'm jealous! ;-)

Postat av: Ilka Adam

I so understand, sometimes life and blogging just dont go together - the day only has 24 hours.
Gosh you've been busy creating beautiful LO's! Love seeing your work!

2008-05-04 @ 10:09:20
Postat av: Anonym

Great LO's Annelie...geez your on fire girl!! Keep the fire buring, I always find inspiration in your work!!


2008-05-07 @ 06:42:18

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