Cyber crop this weekend

My family is still here, so this will be another short post. We're having a great time, although my little girl has not been herself since our trip to the South island. Hopefully she'll come right before I start my new job... The good news is that we have childcare sorted! It's very exciting!!!!!

So - time to explain my heading! This weekend, starting at 9pm NZ time,  we have a very exciting Cyber Crop going over at
Scrap with V. If you are not already registered I reckon you should! There will be a lot of fabulous challenges and games where you can win prizes! There are also several monthly challenges, some of the March challenges are already posted!

I hope to see you on the forum!!

Even though I've been busy with my visitors, there has been some scrapping going on... :) I can't show you all of it, but here's one LO that I can share.


Oh - and I almost forgot! Thank you VICKI who gave me this ultra-cool award!!!


Huh - not bad, aye? ;)

I'd like to pass it on to a very funky girl - KATE. Her work is amazing and inspiring, and I am very impressed about how she runs her business with beautiful scrapbooking kits!

Righto, bedtime now. Thanks for leaving a comment when you pass by!!!


Postat av: Vicki

You must be very relieved at finding child care - it is certainly a very exciting time for you.

Look forward to hearing where you have been with your family.

Postat av: kate

You are too sweet, thank you! I'm off to check out scrap with V.

2008-03-04 @ 00:04:01
Postat av: neena

love your flower girl LO, Annelie...what a cutie.

2008-03-04 @ 07:08:39
Postat av: silwerstar

Jättesöt layout!!

2008-03-04 @ 11:50:18

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