First LO in 2008

First - happy first wedding anniversary to me and my lovely man. Can't wait to celebrate!!!


I've been doing some sporadic scrapping the last few days, the weather have been so beautiful so I have been easily sidetracked... My first LO for the year is for a competition, so can't show it here yet. My SECOND LO though, I can show you right now!

All because of you

Got some hidden journalling in the left corner - a love letter to my gorgeous daughter!

Postat av: Mrs Frizz

A right wee cutie Annelie ... Happy New Year

Postat av: Vicki

Thats a lovely layout Annelie - just might have to scraplift that one!! (If thats OK).
Congrats on your first anniversary.

2008-01-03 @ 08:34:02
Postat av: Hannah

Gorgeous layout! I know what you mean about the stunning weather getting in the way of scrapping ... I've done NONE since Christmas because I just want to be outside at the beach!

Happy Anniversary to you & Kelly! How do you plan to celebrate?

2008-01-03 @ 10:35:54
Postat av: Aase/ängel60

Hoppas det är ok att jag skriver på svenska...?
Underbar LO, vad fint upplägg du har och ett så fint foto. Kul med dold journaling för bara dem som det gäller. Jätte fin. Kram Aase

2008-01-03 @ 16:08:23
Postat av: Mette

Så fin layout! Vilket underbart foto!
Jag gillar även stämpeln med fågeln!


2008-01-03 @ 21:17:54
Postat av: Smarre

Alldeles bedårande underbar - ja både layout och tös förstås!

2008-01-04 @ 12:37:22
Postat av: Maria Burke

very sweet layout!!! :-)

2008-01-05 @ 04:46:14

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