I've been scrappin'!!

Yep, you read it right, I have been creating! Two layouts in the last couple of days, all thanks to challenges over at The Sketch Book. They are not exactly masterpeices, but a girl needs to start slowly, right?

I decided I needed to scrap some photos that have been lying around for a while, before I start on my travel photos.

The first LO is for a sketch challenge. The second LO had to have a photo of me in it, so I used a photo I have used before. Never mind...

Thanks for letting me know you have visited!!!

Postat av: Megan Renfree

You go girl! SO great to see your layouts out and about again!

Postat av: Monnah

Härliga sidor! Jag gillar speciellt den blå-gula. Vilken snygg färgkombo!

2008-08-20 @ 21:19:11
URL: http://monnahs.blogspot.com
Postat av: Mich

Welcome back to NZ! Congratulations on the news of baby #2 :) Hope to see some more of your work over on Skecthbook real soon - go the mojo!

2008-08-25 @ 04:34:59

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