Bad day

I had a bad day at work today. One of my customers was really rude, and made ME feel bad. That just ruined my whole day.

I got to play around with new products from Heidi Swapp, but not even that made me feel better.

Stupid lady...

Anyway. Time to get over it!

I'd like to show you the LO's I've been making for
Scrapbooker's Delight. It's a challenge scrapping someone else's photos - that's for sure, or scrapping without photos even!!! But using new products helps of course...

The first two LO's can sit together or seperately in an album. Everything comes from Fancy Pants new YUMMY range - (apart from the bazill photomat, and the kindy glitz on the clear letters on the second LO). The papers are JUST gorgeous, there is a massive range of clear stamps, clear letters and clear "chipboard", there are overlays, ribbons, die-cuts and felt and... It's just amazing!!!



Details (click to enlarge)


And - TADAAAAAAAA - my first ever BOY layout!!!  :) This is also from the new Fancy Pants range. Aren't the papers just fabulous??


Today I got to play with the new Heidi Swapp papers and overlays. I made a double LO, but didn't get a photo of both sides together. Just imagine the biiiiiiiig butterfly will ya... :)



The extra's on these are BG rub-ons and letter stickers, bazill CS and Bo Bunny rub-ons.

I am such a lucky girl getting to play at my work!!!

Make sure to pop into Scrapbooker's Delight's blog tommorrow. Exciting stuff happening...

Postat av: Mrs Frizz

Ewwwwhhhh ... you've gotta hate 'rude' people.
There's absolutely no need for it ... How rude!!!

May tomorrow be a better day my Swedish friend.

Postat av: Anonym

You get the odd rude person when working in retail and no matter what you say or try to do for them they are never going to be happy but fortunately the nice ones outweigh the rude ones.

Loving the new Fancy Pants and just bought the boy paper with all the circles today.

2008-04-08 @ 13:00:00
Postat av: Vicki

Oops that last comment was from me - thought it didn't send

2008-04-08 @ 13:01:15
Postat av: Hannah

I'm sorry you had a rude customer. Unfortunately working in retail means you will get some rude ones (I know, I did it for 5 years). It doesn't make it okay though, and it's horrible that somebody was rude to you, you're such a sweetheart and definitely don't deserve that treatment.

I love all the layouts, and you ROCKED the boy one! Woohoo!! Love all the new Fancy Pants stuff, it's gorgeous and I think I will have to get some to add to my stash ;-)

2008-04-08 @ 22:24:02
Postat av: Yvette

Sorry to hear about the rude customer. Unfortunately the nature of retail and humans means there will be the odd rude person. The hardest thing is not to take it personally. I hope today is a better one.
You sure are lucky getting to pay with the latest stuff! I love your first boy layout, very cool.

2008-04-08 @ 23:29:14
Postat av: Paula

Hi, I'm Annelie's boss, and she's a honey. It was only her third day! But Annelie was smiiling again today, so it's all good. (Apart from all the stock taking to get finished, and she's still smiling!!)

2008-04-11 @ 11:59:00
Postat av: sannaf

Oooooo så mycket fint du har gjort!!!

2008-04-12 @ 22:06:36

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